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<forumuser name="Mykonos" /> Mykonos (formerly known as redchaoschao94, and a predecessor name to that, chaos2) is a 16 year old teen born in Maryland, and currently residing in West Virginia, in an area where every single stereotype of the state is met. He was first introduced to his main hobby of gaming when his father purchased a SEGA Dreamcast for him, along with the launch title, Sonic Adventure. The game dazzled him, and sparked what is a seemingly never-ending interest in the Blue Blur. When not gaming, Mykonos can be found browsing the internet; however, he is not generally outside, as his neighbors are all seemingly insane. Mykonos also has a small amount of narcissism, leading to the creation of this article.

Community Status

Mykonos has been vising the internet since August 2007, and has helped out with a number of small Chao forums, most, as many do, have all died.

He is currently trying to find something interesting to do.