H Hog

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A moderately well-known face among the Sonic community, Ruben "H Hog" van Ophuizen is active most prominently on Sonic Eats Rings (formerly The Moogle Cavern) as one of the board's co-admins, and has (to his own surprise) occasionally been mistaken as the former site's actual owner.

Hailing from the Netherlands, he ran a long-running webcomic known as "The Horror", dabbled on hoaxes every so often, and has a co-starring role in the International Moron Patrol, a Flash Cartoon series made by Roger van der Weide; a fellow Dutch Sonic fan. His website Coldflame is still up, but hasn't seen updates in over a decade. All that aside, H Hog is usually known for his overall chill and friendly, if somewhat reclusive disposition.

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