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<forumuser name="Cyan" /> One of the early sceners, he made the first Sonic 1 Beta ROM hoax and the first known to have put Super Sonic in Sonic 1 (via a hack on his site known as Hedge). Also a damn good programmer.

Cyan is also famous for his utility, The Ultra Maze-O-Matic System, which allowed one to edit the special stages in the original Sonic the Hedgehog. This is truly where hacking was made easier for other people and numerous levels were released which can now be found on NiktheGreek's hack archive on the SSRG.

dust hill resident has been known to write MIDI music about Cyan. These MIDI songs often make use of the "Choir Aah" (General MIDI instrument #52), and have titles like "Cyan Helkaraxe riding in the Tour de France", "the life and times of Cyan Helkaraxe", and similar.

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