The Dam Scam

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Sonic X episode #18
"The Dam Scam"
Written by:
Directed by: Makoto Moriwaki
Production no.: 018
Original airdate:
Country: Japan
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"The Dam Scam", known as "Savannah no Dai Kettou!" (サバンナの大決闘!) in Japan, is the 18th episode in the first season of Sonic X.


The episode opens in the Savannah with the X Tornado flying over it with Tails, Sonic and Chris in it. Soon after, Dr. Eggman hovers over them in his own ship and tells Decoe and Bocoe to fire missiles at X Tornado. After dodging the missiles, Sonic uses a ring and leaps towards Eggman's ship, piercing right through it. The ship begins to explode and one of the flying debris hits the X Tornado's wing, causing it to crash.

The next scene opens with Tails fixing the X Tornado, but it's damaged to a point where it can't go into its X Cyclone mode without collapsing. Tails continues to repair the X Tornado and Chris tries to see if he can call someone, but his phone is getting no reception. Chris walks over to a shady tree, lies down and yawns. Tails says that he can sleep and he'll wake him up when they can go. Tails also mentions that he wants a workshop near Station Square, saying it's his 'dream'. Chris mentions that being a zoologist is his dream. Tails then finishes his repairs to the X Tornado and they begin their search for Sonic.

The next scene opens to Eggman, who also crash landed. Decoe and Bocoe leave in an ape shaped robot called 'Gorru-Gaooh' to search for Sonic. We then cut to Sonic, running, looking for Tails and Chris. Sonic then notices a Cheetah is running along side him. Sonic asks if the Cheetah wants to race him, but he realizes that the cheetah would be no match for him. He picks the animal up and starts running at full speed, much to its distress.

We then cut to a group of people digging with construction tools. Tails and Chris ask two men who were making orders what they were building. One of the men says they're building a dam. After Chris explains to Tails what a dam is, Tails sees a group of animals, and asks of their well-being. The man says the animals are nuisances and proceeds to throw Tails and Chris out of the site. Tails asks the herd what they think, and they all lower their heads. Tails comments that it reminds him of something that happened back on his world.

It then cuts to a flashback of Tails getting bullied and one of his machines broken. In tears, he walks away but stops when he sees a blue hedgehog. As quickly as he came, he speeds off. Awestruck by his speed, Tails follows him to a beach where he sees a large, red and yellow bi-plane and soon he begins painting it blue. The blue hedgehog from before asks what he's doing and he says he was trying to make it faster and that he started painting it blue. The hedgehog says he likes blue as well. The hedgehog asks Tails why he was following him and Tails says he wants to be cool like he is. The hedgehog says his name is 'Sonic' and Tails says his name as well. Sonic gives Tails the plane to fix up.

The flashback ends and Tails says that he was like that back then, until he met Sonic. Tails asks the men to stop building, but they refuse. The animals look at Tails and Chris with determined faces. Tails and Chris take the animals to the nearest city and tell the people of the dam. They all go to the site and the men are put on the spot. The two men stop the construction and Tails and Chris cheer in victory.

We then see the two men in the Savannah with a jeep filled with several cans of gasoline. One of them men asks the other what the gasoline is for, and the other comments that if they set the Savannah on fire, the smoke will go into the clouds and make it rain. The following rain will cause the Savannah to flood. Then they'll have to get a dam built. Soon after, Gorru-Gaooh shows up behind them, still looking for Sonic. Instead, Sonic finds them and soon the two are going towards each other at full speed. Sonic dashes underneath Gorru-Gaooh, causing it to fall. Sonic taunts Decoe and Bocoe and the chase continues in the forest. The two men are dumbfounded, but continue their mission to burn the Savannah.

We then cut to Sonic, thinking he's lost Gorru-Gaooh, and stops. Gorru-Gaooh then appears from seemingly nowhere and strikes Sonic away. Gorru-Gaooh then appears again behind Sonic and strikes him again. The two men are preparing, when they see Eggman, also searching for Sonic. The two men insult Eggman, and, enraged, Eggman fires a laser almost killing the men. They flee and Eggman continues his plan. We then see Sonic again, who realizes that Gorru-Gaooh has a cloaking device so he can't see it before it sees him. Gorru-Gaooh then appears from above, slams Sonic into the ground, cloaks and flees. Eggman then shows up, but Sonic is immediately smacked around by Gorru-Gaooh. Eggman laughs at Sonic and tells Gorru-Gaooh to finish Sonic off. Sonic realizes he can't trust his eyes, so he closes them to see if he can hear Gorru-Gaooh. Sonic realizes where Gorru-Gaooh is and attacks, knocking it out of its cloaking. Sonic then proceeds to run away. Sonic taunts Eggman and tells Gorru-Gaooh to chase after him.

We then see the two men, fleeing in their jeep. They then see Sonic, speed right by them, and just barely dodge Gorru-Gaooh. We then cut to Tails and Chris, saying their farewells to the animals to search for Sonic again. Luckily, Sonic happened to be speeding right by. They get his attention and the three are reunited. Unfortunately, Eggman and Gorru-Gaooh are right behind, still chasing Sonic. Gorru-Gaooh tries to cloak, but its cloaking device only works on nature and Sonic sees it when it's in front of a digging machine. Sonic slams into Gorru-Gaooh and Eggman wonders where the machines came from before destroying all of them. The two men come back and see Eggman destroying their construction site.

Meanwhile, Sonic is still attacking Gorru-Gaooh to a point where Decoe and Bocoe try to flee. Tails throws Sonic a ring and Sonic decides it's time to end it. Sonic pierces through Gorru-Gaooh, destroying it in an explosion. Eggman, furious Sonic destroyed his robot, decides to take on Sonic one-on-one. It cuts to a shot of the Savannah for a brief period, and then back to see Sonic has defeated Eggman and he, Decoe and Bocoe are fleeing. Bokkun then flies down and gives Sonic a message from Dr. Eggman. Eggman says that he won't get away with what he did next time. He then commands Bokkun to tap dance. Bokkun fails and flies away in tears.

We then cut to several hours later where the two men are arrested. Chris comments that Eggman helped them stop the dam from being made, with him destroying the equipment. He and Tails laugh and the episode ends with a shot of the sun setting over the horizon.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
Japanese サバンナの大決闘! Savannah no Dai Kettou!
Portuguese O Golpe da Barragem The Dam Scam

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