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Labyrinth Zone not so Genocide City-esque?

The database for it is currently accessible, but I made a post at the S2beta forums concerning the "empty level" not being so empty after all; moving slightly to the right using debug mode in act 1 leads to what appears to be a curved downward slope with glitched graphics and collision detection. A bit later in the topic, it appeared that someone else had found more usable ground, as well as being able to place the CPZ moving platform using debug mode. I'll edit the article when I can get home; all of my proof is on my home PC, and I somehow doubt that the network administrators at my college would enjoy me downloading emulators and ROMs onto their computers. -SoNick 14:58, 8 November 2006 (CST)

"The unused RAW data..."

For Chemical Plant zone:

The unused RAW data contained with the ROM is loaded when you down the zone.It does a illegal instrucion error.
It loads if Tails falls to the area too.

WTF does this mean? I'm guessing it means "if you reach the bottom of the level, it crashes with an illegal instruction", but none of this has anything to do with "RAW data" or "downing the zone". ---GerbilSoft (talk) 15:10, 9 September 2015 (CDT)

Yes I've noticed a lot of these pages are a bit dubious - I'm all up for detailed SWS2B-esque comparisons like we used to do in the old days, for as many (if not all) Sonic prototypes we have available. A paragraph or two doesn't really work in a lot of cases - we need 348204903 screenshots and maps and bits of code and more up-to-date analysis, since the Sonic 2 Beta Wiki ones were written years and years ago.
How it should be done is up for debate, but I totally think it should be done. -Black Squirrel (talk) 15:37, 9 September 2015 (CDT)

Saw it in action first run

I thought it was hilarious Melissa Joan Hart couldn't even do a simple Spin Attack

When Sonic 2 Collision Will Be Restored?

Okay This Maybe Be Impossible But We Need To Try! 'oky'--SonicPlaysYoutuber (talk) 07:26, 10 April 2023 (EDT)