Game Preview - Sonic the Hedgehog CD (Sega Summer Catalogue, 1992)

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Hey there, so I went ahead and played with Google Translate for a marginally competent translation of this article that hasn't gotten attention in years. I did it just to get the ambiguity of it being untranslated out of the way. That "Translated Story" section seems like BS, because it seems to reference Sonic 2 with the Death Egg bit and all. I hope what I've provided here is groundwork for a better translation, even if the written material isn't groundbreaking. I am not a translator.

The rumored “world's fastest hedgehog” is transformed into flowing!

アクションゲーム“ソニック "にストレスは不要!
The action game “Sonic” requires no stress!

'91年に華々しくデビューしたソニックにMEGA-CDの機能を追加し、使い勝手中心に大幅改良。ユーザーに優しいシステムだからこそ"ソニック"なのです。その高い自由度の新システムに期待は大! です。
The MEGA-CD function was added to Sonic that made its debut in 1991, and it was greatly improved with a focus on usability. Because it is a user-friendly system, it is "Sonic". Expectation is great for this new system with a high degree of freedom!

MEGA-CDとソニックが合体。 超アクションゲームとなって新登場! ソニックの魅力の一つであるアクションを大幅に追加! ゲームの枠を超えた主人公のアクションが、前作を超え、音速を越え、光速を越える。ワクワクドキドキのアクションは、ユーザーを興奮させること間違いナシ!
MEGA-CD and Sonic are combined. Introducing a super action game! The action that is one of the charms of Sonic has been greatly added! The action of the protagonist beyond the limits of the game exceeds the previous work, exceeds the speed of sound, exceeds the speed of light. Exciting action is no mistake to excite the user!

Absolute performance MEGA-CD specialty software. Rotation ● All normal MEGA-CD functions such as scaling are performed by specialists. But for Sonic, that's natural. Of course, the game characteristics are being pursued instead of the basics. CD Sonic is close to MEGA-CD greedy users!

Have fun.--OKeijiDragon 15:18, 31 October 2019 (EDT)