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Um. A lot of this is based on rumour and hear-say. Any real facts we can list?

The term "Egg Carrier" is thrown about an awful lot nowadays. The big "Whale Ship" of Sonic Heroes and Sonic Chronicles should have their own articles, in my opinion. Sure, it's called the Egg Carrier in Sonic Chronicles, but the developers at BioWare were notoriously sloppy with their handling of the game, to say nothing of proper continuity. Perhaps we can mention it's shared name in a "trivia" section on the new proposed page, but leave this "Egg Carrier" page for the real Egg Carriers. Perhaps we can have a page solely dedicated to all the ships that appeared in Sonic Heroes's Egg Fleet and Final Fortress?

You're right, and this is why it says "Main article: Final Fortress" in the 'Whale Ship' Sonic Heroes section. Principal information about the Whale-based Egg Carrier is supposed to go on Final Fortress; it's just no-one has written that page yet. Feel free to do so yourself! Frozen Nitrogen 03:20, 12 December 2009 (UTC)

Could one of you put a picture from Sonic Chronicles

I also wanted to suggest putting a picture of the Egg Carrier from Sonic Cronicles