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Stop the Train
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Stop the Train
Game: Sonic Shuffle
Type: Stage Clear

Stop the Train is a Stage Clear mini-game in Sonic Shuffle. It is played after all of the Precioustones have been collected in Riot Train.


The train is out of control and everyone has to push the train together to stop it from going over the cliff. When the train has the blue light on, everyone must repeatedly press B. If the red light is on, everyone should mash button A. If a player doesn't press the correct button or doesn't do anything, they will lose Rings. However, if they mash the right button, they will earn Rings, and the rate they earn Rings depends on how fast they mash the button. The lights will alternate between red and blue, so players must be alert.

Whoever wins the most rings by the time the train stops wins the mini-game and gets an Emblem. If everyone refuses to push, the train will eventually stop right where the track ends. The time it takes to stop the train matters on how fast everyone's button mashing is.


We're going over the cliff... Everybody work together to stop the train!

Lumina Flowlight at the start of the mini-game


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