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SonicGenerations PC Stomp.png
First seen: Sonic Unleashed (2008)
Users: Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Avatar
Type: Attack

The StompMedia:SonicGenerations 360 UK manual.pdf[1], also known as StompingMedia:Unleashed 360 US manual.pdf[2] (ストンピング)Media:Unleashed 360 JP Manual.pdf[3], is a move performed by Sonic the Hedgehog that was first introduced in Sonic Unleashed. The move is similar in function to the Bounce Attack except Sonic usually does not curl up into a ball and doesn't rebound upon impact with the ground.


To perform the move, the player must first go into the air by jumping or running off a ledge, then press a designated button to slam directly downwards feet first, creating an aura field around the player's character as they drop. Upon impact with the ground, the move creates a shockwave that causes damage to objects close to the user. This move is useful for destroying enemies and obstacles such as containers and weak bridges beneath the user, as well as pressing down on pressure pads or comically oversized buttons. It is also a useful tool if the player needs to reach the ground quickly.

Game appearances

Sonic Unleashed

Stomp featured in Secret Document 4 from the PS2/Wii versions

Sonic Unleashed is the first game to feature the move as part of Sonic's moveset, and is initially referred to as StompingMedia:Unleashed 360 US manual.pdf[2] (ストンピング)Media:Unleashed 360 JP Manual.pdf[3]. In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version of the game, Sonic must first obtain the Stomping Shoes in Holoska, whereas the Wii/PlayStation 2 version makes the move immediately available from the beginning.

During daytime levels, Sonic can use the Stomp to push down switches and clear obstacles. Using the Stomp move is also the only reliable way of killing Mole Cannons, who can hide underground from most of Sonic's attacks. Egg Fighter Shields can block the move with their shields once, while their springed variants can deflect it entirely. The move can be performed by pressing either of the following buttons, according to game version:

Xbox 360 PS3 / PS2 Wii (Remote + Nunchuk) Wii (Classic Controller) Wii (GameCube Controller)
B Circle B/Z Y B
A Stomping Secret?
There's more than one use for the stomp attack-- it'll end a jump and accelerate Sonic towards the floor, saving time when riding grind rails or getting on boosters in mid-air.

Secret Document 5 - "Stomp Like You Mean It", PS2/Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed

Sonic Colours

Both the Wii and Nintendo DS versions of Sonic Colours refer to the move as the StompMedia:SonicColours Wii US manual.pdf[4]Media:Colours DS EU Manual.pdf[5] for the first time, and makes the move immediately available from the beginning. The move's shockwave has been made bigger from Sonic Unleashed, and the move is often used to plow through stacks of wooden and steel containers. If the move is used underwater, then it is possible for the player to cancel it by Double Jumping. To perform the move, the player must press one of the following buttons in mid-air, depending on what controller is in use:

Wii Remote Wii Remote + Nunchuk Classic Controller GameCube Controller Nintendo DS
B Z X X Down + A/B

The Nintendo DS version marks the first use of the move in a 2D game.

Sonic Generations

The Stomp in the Nintendo 3DS version.

Sonic Generations refers to the move as the Stomp againMedia:SonicGenerations 360 UK manual.pdf[1], and makes it a move that can be performed only by Modern Sonic. In the console/PC versions of the game, he can use the move immediately from the beginning by pressing B/Circle while in mid-air. However, this time around, the shockwave produced upon landing have been reduced to the point of being virtually non-existent; however, equpping the Power Stomp Skill will increase the size of the shockwave, allowing it to take out enemies within a radius.

While the move is best used for dealing with obstacles such as containers, there are other gimmicks to try the move on, such as a weak bridge near the end of Green Hill Act 2 in order to access an alternate route, or on the magma footholds in Crisis City Act 2 to temporarily lower them and proceed through the level. The player is even offered a video tutorial on how to use the Stomp before entering Crisis City.

In the Nintendo 3DS version, the Stomp is not available until the player defeats the Biolizard, after which Modern Tails gives Modern Sonic an upgrade to his shoes that make them lighter by 30%, enabling the use of the move with Down + B in mid-air. The move is required in order to clear through the stacks of containers that block certain routes in the remaining levels, Water Palace and Tropical Resort, but it can also be used on Springs and Spring Poles for a higher bounce.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U

The Stomp appears as a custom special move for the Homing Attack in these iterations of Super Smash Bros. Sonic will curl up into a ball similar to a Bounce Attack, but he will not home in on opponents and instead drop straight down. If used on an airborne opponent, the move will meteor smash them, potentially KOing them if they are off the stage.

Sonic Forces

Going by the name of the Stomp once moreMedia:SF STEAM MANUAL EN LRv5.pdf[6], the move can not only be performed by Modern Sonic, but also by the Avatar and by Shadow the Hedgehog. Though the move has a wider shockwave than in Sonic Generations, the move's impact area isn't any bigger, so the player must Stomp directly above an enemy to cause damage.

Sonic Frontiers

The Stomp in Sonic Frontiers.

The Stomp is once again featured in Sonic Frontiers as one of Sonic's basic moves. It is performed by pressing Circle (PS4/PS5)/B (XB1)/A (Switch) in mid-air and is much like its appearances in other games, however if the player holds the button on impact with the ground, Sonic will bounce upward similar to a Bounce Attack, though the height Sonic gains from this move isn't variable and is only as high as a Double Jump. If the player keeps the button held longer, Sonic will stomp two more times, with the third stomp ending with a shockwave that damages enemies and destroys certain objects, like the move normally does in other games.

In addition, Sonic can learn a separate, more offensive version of the move known as the Stomp Attack (ストンピングアタック), which can be unlocked in the game's Skill menu for 10 Skill Points after unlocking the Air Trick. When unlocked, the player can press Circle (PS4/PS5)/B (XB1)/A (Switch) in the middle of a combo to have Sonic strike down on top of an enemy to inflict damage. This attack deals heavy damage when Super Sonic uses it against the Titans, and so is very useful for defeating them quickly.

In "Another Story", Amy, Knuckles and Tails can unlock their own variants of the move, those being the Card Stomp, Heat Stomp and Spike Stomp respectively.