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General Info

Stampii Digital Trading Cards are a digital trading card game released 10th of September, 2012 by Spanish digital trading card company Stampii.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog Stampii Digital Trading Card collection we can find 93 digital trading cards featuring several characters, and video games of the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Each one of them includes a main image of the character or game it is featuring, usually an official render,sprite or logo, and some information on the character or game it is about.

To access your digital Stampii collection, you must register at Stampii website. Then, you will be rewarded with two free card packs. Each card pack includes 4 random trading cards. To manage them, you can use the Stampii app for Facebook, or their software for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. If you open any digital trading card on the PC or Mac software, you can not only see the face of the card, but also some extra information about the character or game, extra images, and videos.

To get the rest of the card collection, you must but more card packs, or trade cards in the Stampii Trading Card Market, included on the software and applications. Only 90 of the cards are obtainable by regular means, with 3 "mystery cards" being locked. These three cards are said to be released in some sort of way by Sega, maybe including codes for them in a new game or some sort of contest.

Stampii Digital Trading Cards had been famous for changing some official known data on the franchise, like the name of Sonic animal friends Picky,Pocky,Cucky and Ricky being changed to Cookie, Picky, Ricky and Pocky, and assuring that Sega has changed officially their names.

Trading Card Gallery

Here is the complete 90 regulary available Stampii trading cards collection

Sonic and friends

Classic series


Sonic Villains

Sonic Games

Mystery Cards

Stampii Released three "Mystery Cards", only available at certain time. The First one is a Sonic Halloween themed card, using a never seen before Sonic render art. The second one is a Sonic Christmas themed Card, using once again a never seen before Sonic render art.