Splash Canyon

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Sonic Riders
Splash Canyon

Splash Canyon
Second Heroes level, Sonic Riders
Level theme: tropical island
Played as: Tails
Opponent: E-10000G

Splash Canyon is the second Hero-story racecourse in Sonic Riders. Winding between (and through, and up!) the waterfalls of a balmy tropical paradise, the EX World Grand Prix's second track sees the Extreme Gear riders surfing down raging rivers and across rickety wooden bridges.


After the Blue Blur's victory in the opening race at Metal City, Team Sonic are speculating what Eggman's true motives must be for organizing the racing tournament. To Sonic's obvious disappointment, Amy appears, announcing that she's signed up as well, to "keep her eyes on him". Tails, meanwhile, muses about the symbol he saw on Storm's Extreme Gear, and relates the legend of Babylon Garden to his friends - although this somehow evolves into an elaboration on the Kutta-Joukowski lift theorem.

Wave the Swallow's entrance saves Knuckles from an information overload. The Babylon Rogues' mechanic stays only long enough to disparage Tails' engineering skills on Sonic's Blue Star board - although when the appropriate exchange is viewed in the Babylon cutscene, Wave's inner monologue reveals that she's mighty impressed with the fox's handiwork. This does not, however, stop her from sabotaging the Gear - a point which becomes relevant later in Sand Ruins.