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Spiky Spinner
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Spiky Spinner
Game: Sonic Adventure
Hits to defeat: 1

Spiky Spinner is an enemy found in the video game, Sonic Adventure. Spiky Spinners are robots modelled after sea urchins, they float around, surrounded by four spike balls. When approached they will either spin their spike balls in an increasing radius, or fire them directly at the player. Once a Spiky Spinner has lost its spike balls it is completely vulnerable to attack. Defeating it releases the small animal trapped inside.

Names in other languages

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC US manual.pdf[1]Media:SonicAdventure DC EU manual.pdf[2] Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC US manual.pdf[1]Media:SonicAdventure DC EU manual.pdf[2]
Japanese ウニダスMedia:SonicAdventure DC JP manual.pdf[3] UnidusMedia:SonicAdventure DC JP manual.pdf[3]
French Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC EU manual.pdf[4]
German Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC EU manual.pdf[5]
Spanish Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC EU manual.pdf[6]
Portuguese Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC PT manual.pdf[7]
Portuguese (Brazil) Spiky SpinnerMedia:SonicAdventure DC BR manual.pdf[8]


Character Stage
Sonic Speed Highway, Sky Deck
Tails Sky Deck, Speed Highway
Knuckles Speed Highway, Sky Deck


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