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'''Spaceport''' is the second stage of the ''[[Sonic Forces]]'', which is located in the [[Chemical Plant Zone]] from ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)|Sonic the Hedgehog 2]]'', but influenced by the version seen in ''[[Sonic Generations]]'' and presents a totally new environment because it is another chemical plant.
Plot-wise, when [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]] is defeated by villains in the city, [[Dr. Eggman]] dominates 99% of the world and a Resistance is formed to fight him, but without the blue hedgehog beside them they do not have much of a chance. The Resistance then resolves to recruit a new member: a survivor of the incident in the city known as the [[Avatar]]. They send the Avatar on their first mission: To rescue Sonic, who is trapped in a space prison aboard the [[Death Egg]]. The novice's first objective is to find a way to reach space through one of the spaceports of the [[Eggman Empire]], which is in one of several chemical plants.
Unlike earlier versions of Chemical Plant, it is presented in a maritime zone, as a kind of industrial platform in a northern region of the world, with constant winds and cold weather freezing the chemical pipes. Further down, it is possible to see that the place also serves as a spaceport, as the name implies, with cargo being transported between the plant and the Death Egg through ships.
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