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'''Space Port''' is the second stage of the ''[[Sonic Forces]]'', which is the location based on the [[Chemical Plant Zone]] of ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)|Sonic the Hedgehog 2]]'', but influenced by the version seen in ''[[Sonic Generations]]'' and presents a totally new environment because it is another chemical plant.
Plot-wise, when Sonic is defeated by villains in the city, Eggman dominates the world and a Resistance is created to fight him, but without the blue hedgehog beside them they do not have many chances. The Resistance then resolves to recruit a new member, a survivor of the incident in the city, the Avatar. They send the Avatar on their first mission, to rescue Sonic, who is trapped in a space prison, the novice must then find a way to reach space through one of the space ports of the Eggman Empire, which is in one of several chemical plants.
Unlike earlier versions of the Chemical Plant, it is presented in a maritime zone, as a kind of industrial platform, in the region where the north pole of the world is, with constant winds and cold weather, even with the presence of tubes with frozen chemicals . Further down, it is possible to see that the place also serves as a space-port, as the name implies, with several cargoes being transported into space through ships.
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