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The following is a list of magazine articles for Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.

File Date Source Title and comments
File:MeanMachinesSega10UK.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "It's Sonic-Mania in Sonic Spinball!"
Two-page article describing Sonic Spinball's appearance at the Summer CES 1993. It is said to be inspired by Sonic 2's Casino Night Zone, and can have up to four players, although when released was in fact a single-player game. Its launch date is expected on "Segamania Day", in November 1993.
Logo-pdf.svg "Preview: Sonic Spinball"
Single-page preview of the game, again mentioning its connection to Casino Night Zone, as well as the Veg-O-Fortress. The game is said to be 70% complete with an expected November release.
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball"
Three-page review, covering the game's story, first three levels and gameplay mechanics. The writers describe the game as fun, but with average graphics and music. They also complain that the game is too short.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic Spinball: Billions of Points!"
Short paragraph explaining a cheat to gain extra points.

Full-length articles

Sonic the Comic

Sonic's Triple Whammy

This clip covers 3 Sonic games, one of which is Sonic Spinball.

Scd Spinball-Chaos-CD-271193.jpg


CES Chicago (July/August 1993)

This clip from the foreign language Megaforce magazine has a preview of Sonic Spinball. The article has prototype screenshots of the game.


Sonic's Back!

A short article talking about Sonic Spinball being the next game in the Sonic series.

Ss Megatech 1993 A.jpg