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These are the achievements which add to your Gamerscore on the Xbox Live Arcade version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3.

Name Picture Xbox Live
Complete the Game File:CompleteTheGame.jpg 25 Finish the Game.
Fast Freeze File:ChaosEmeraldSonic3.jpg 25 Complete the IceCap Zone.
Complete Chaos File:GettinSuper.jpg 25 Collect all seven Chaos Emeralds.
Points III File:PointsIII.jpg 25 Score 80,000 points.
Marble Finishes File:MarbleFinishes.jpg 15 Finish the Marble Garden Zone.
Wet Feet File:WetFeet.jpg 15 Run across water.
Wet and Wild File:WetAndWild.jpg 15 Finish the Hydrocity Zone.
Points II File:PointsII.jpg 15 Score 40,000 points.
Chaotic File:ChaosEmerald.jpg 10 Collect a Chaos Emerald.
Halfway there... File:HalfwayThere.jpg 10 Collect 50 rings.
Goodie Gumballs File:GoodieGumballs.jpg 10 Get a blue gumball.
Points I File:PointsI.jpg 10 Score 20,000 points.
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