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Player bugs

Super Sonic at the end of a level

Attempting to transform into Super Sonic after hitting a signpost or prison capsule results in Sonic "walking" in mid air, and becoming unresponsive to controls. This doesn't cause the game to crash however, as the next level starts as normal after the score tally.

Fixed in: Final revision 02

Tails high score

If Tails hits an enemy after Sonic has just died, he gets stuck and gains a large score (as well as several extra lives). [1]

This bug occurs in all known betas and prototypes; an easy way to reproduce it in the Wai beta is to go to Hidden Palace Zone, immediately spindash to the right, and press jump as Sonic dies.

In the final, Tails starts flying when Sonic dies, making him unable to hit enemies.

Fixed in: Final version

Life counter glitch

If a player dies from time-over in a 2P Versus mode while on their last life, the Game Over routine will be interrupted and the results screen will be displayed. The player who died will appear to have 0 lives, but if they die again, the counter will roll back to "y5" (255), as the lives are stored as an unsigned byte, and the life counter was only meant to display up to 99 lives.

Not fixed in any version