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Development Process

The Sonic the Hedgehog film was created by Paramount Pictures in collaboration with SEGA. It was directed by Jeff Fowler who previously worked on Shadow the Hedgehog (game) and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). The visual effects were supervised by Ged Wright and Chris Uyede. The visual effects were animated primarily by MPC Film[1], Blur Studio and Marza Animation Planet. Marza in particular was put in charge of the opening on South Island and Baby Sonic.[2]

Character redesign

Due to heavy backlash from the general public, Sonic's design in the movie was changed after the first trailer to be more stylized. The redesign was done by Tyson Hesse who had previously worked on many Sonic animated projects, such as the cutscenes in Sonic Mania. According to Ged Wright, the process of changing Sonic's design in the film was fairly painless. Sonic's scail and limb lengths were kept consistent so the majority of postviz work was still able to be used later on.[2]

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