Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fast Revelation

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Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fast Revelation
Latest release date: December 12th, 2000
Engine: Klik & Play
Credits: Jamie Bailey

Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fast Revelation is a Klik & Play fan game from 2000 made by Jamie Bailey. Its name is a pun on the fourth Tomb Raider game, "Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation", released about the same time. The game was remarkable for its time due to the addition of scrolling and nicely rendered graphics, two things that were uncommon in Klik & Play games of that era. As well as this, Sonic TFR offered many secret levels, hence it is often considered the swan song of Klik & Play fan games (as the fan gaming community was shifting to superior "click" products such as The Games Factory and Multimedia Fusion around this time period). As homage to The Fast Revelation, Jamie placed advertisements of the game in his later fan game, Sonic the Hedgehog: Time Attacked.



Download.svg Download Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fast Revelation
File: Sonic_-_The_Fast_Revelation.rar (2.23 MB) (info)

NOTE: Not functional in 64-bit systems due to being a 16-bit application.