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Sonic Zero: Remastered
Latest version: 4.0
Latest release date: 08/10/12
Engine: Sonic Worlds
Credits: Mr.Kaosu, LarkSS, Gamenerd Advance, Sparks

Sonic Zero: Remastered is a fan game currently in development by Mr.Kaosu, and a number of other team members and contributors. Sonic Zero: Remastered was originally just Sonic Zero, and was developed by Max Stunner in 2001. Since then, ownership is now in Kaosu's hands. For the SAGE 2012 demo, control was temporarily handed to Sparks while Kaosu took a short leave of absence for medical reasons. The game was sadly cancelled on May 19, 2013, and most of the game's assets were handed over to other near-finished fan games.

Previous Years

The first demo of Sonic Zero: Remastered was released during SAGE 14, and was given a rating and gameplay video by Lacktardo. The video was highly praised by many viewers as well as others who played the game. However, most criticism was against the sprites, and a small occasion the level layout. Since then, the game has taken a development leap with the help of LarkSS and Sparks. After SAGE 15, the game had a 3 Act demo released for SAGE 16. It returned with a new demo for SAGE 2012, with hub based missions ala Sonic Generations.


Sonic Zero: Remastered was unfortunately cancelled. Some of it's assets have gone to other fan games including, Sonic Time Twisted among others.

Knuckles Gameplay


The engine of Sonic Zero: Remastered is that of Sonic Delta, which is an evolution of Sonic Worlds being created by Mr. Kaosu and LarkSS. The game itself is also meant to be an example of the powers of Sonic Worlds and Delta, an example of how it can be modified, and how useful the engine can be. Controls are borrowed from the Genesis era games, while graphics are mostly custom, with certain graphics borrowed when there's a shortage of manpower.

Character wise, you have a choice between Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy Rose. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles retain their original abilities from Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Amy Rose, whose sprites are courtesy of E-122-Psi, plays like how she does in Sonic 3 and Amy Rose. Level layout is designed with all four players in mind, and includes vasts amount of exploration, alternate route possibilities, and bonus areas accessible to certain players.


Four zones were being developed for Sonic Zero: Remastered.

Palmtree Parkway

First zone of the game; The remains of Green Hill Zone after Robotnik turns it into a highway. Inspired by Green Hill Zone and City Escape.

Electric Enclave

A dark forest full of spiked traps, fans and power stations, inspired by Meta Junglira Zone and Wacky Workbench Zone.

Tidal Tubes

A flooded high speed labyrinth within a futuristic garden, not unlike Chemical Plant Zone, Aqua Planet Zone, and Hydrocity Zone.

Madcap Mine

A crazy labyrinth of mad moles and fire hazards, resembling Gimmick Mountain Zone.

Download the Demo!

Sonic Zero: Remastered booth at SAGE 2012, hosted by HoleNet.Info.