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Fast Facts on Sonic XG

Latest Version: SAGE Demo 2007 (Demo 1)
Engine: Custom
Credits: Sir Euan, Nitemare

Sonic eXtended Genesis, aka Sonic XG, is a game being created by Sir Euan and Nitemare, and has gone through many different variations in the past.

At one point in time, the fangame was going to be merged with Retro Sonic in 2007 and eventually Sonic Nexus in early 2009 in order to create Retro Sonic Nexus, but is again being developed as a separate title.


Happening after the events of Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic falls from the atmosphere and lands on the tornado, carrying the Master Emerald. Suddenly, an object flies by striking the tornado with laser beams twice, plummeting Sonic to the Floating Island. It is revealed seconds later to be none other than Metal Sonic, who seen holding the Master Emerald, then flying off. In the background, a burning Death Egg is seen tumbling downwards, closer and closer, to the Floating Island....


Sonic XG started out as early as 2002 by Euan "Sir Euan" Gallacher. The original plot involved Eggman gaining the power to "dramatically change history", with Sonic having to gather every Time Stone in different time periods.

After the demo featuring Peak Panic, Desert Dash and Palm Paradiso, Joseph "Nitemare" Waters, got interested in the project and started talking with Euan around the time XG got merged with with MystHedgehog's Sonic Eternal Rings, becoming Sonic Forever. A website was of which was available in 2005. In early 2005, the public engine test build for Sonic Forever was available for testing purposes. The engine was lost on the internet but was later found again in 2013. The project failed because of the two-man partnership not working out as well as the sudden disappearance of MystHedgehog. Euan, now having Joseph by his side, went back to the name Sonic XG because of the lack of any confirmation from Myst in terms of zones and assets usage. The new Sonic XG was intended on having the game take place immediately after the events of Sonic & Knuckles. Back in around 2007, ten zones were planned as shown on the website, and two of the Zones were not revealed.

In late 2007, Euan and Joseph started talking with Christian "The Taxman" Whitehead about XG and Retro Sonic. With the three of them combined, the project ended up becoming Retro-Sonic XG, which would've ported the XG levels over to the Retro-Sonic engine, while including some of Retro Sonic's own zones. Both Joseph and Euan went their own way with real life shortly after the decision was made.

Shortly after the 2008 demo release of Sonic Nexus, it was decided to merge it with Retro-Sonic XG, ultimately becoming Retro Sonic Nexus. The game was worked on by Brad "Slingerland" Flick, "The Taxman" and other colleagues involved with the other fan games. Retro Sonic Nexus was then shelved when "The Taxman" announced the discontinuation of the fan game in 2011 in favour of the Sonic CD remake.

in 2012, Jospeh Waters discovered the discontinuation of Retro Sonic Nexus and took it upon himself to wrap up what was left over of the game and decided to make Sonic XG again as a standalone title using some of the assets "The Taxman" still had from Retro Sonic XG. It intended to be released under Sonic XG Lite, only containing 6 zones but the amount of zones currently present is unkown. On Joseph's youtube page, you can currently find four previews of the game, showcasing some of the zones that will be present in the final game (altough Golden Gate has been removed from the game and has since been replaced by Cyber City, a Genocide City inspired zone.). The release date is currently unknown.

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Current version: Latest Public Demo (2007)

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