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Unleashed Titlescreen.png
Sonic Unleashed
Publisher: Gameloft
System(s): Mobile phones
Genre: Action
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Mobile phones
2009-06  ? ?
Title screen (Sony Ericsson X1 version)
Title screen (Nokia 5800 version)

Sonic Unleashed is a version of Sonic Unleashed for use on mobile phones. It contains 11 levels and retains Sonic's ability to transform into a Werehog. All the graphics come in sprite form (polygons are not used). Unlike its console brethren Sonic has the ability to go underwater without dying.

It was only released in Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. US and Canada did not see a release.

An unofficial Android port exists but was not developed by Gameloft.

Production credits

  • Executive Producers: Jerome Levy, Jonathan Stock
  • Producer: Feng Hao
  • Lead Artist and Creative Director: Arthur Hugot
  • Game Design: Luo Jun Jie, Jiang Wei
  • Graphics: Limin, Yu Yan Qin, Zou Xu Bin
  • Programming: Zhang Yong Xing, Liu Xiao Dan, Wen Yan Bin
  • Sound Director: Arnaud Galand
  • Sound Designer: Wonseok Lee
  • Sound Technician: Hamish Robertson
  • Localization Manager: Alexis Green-Painchaud
  • Localization: Alicja Buffa, Fred Leung, Mariko McDonald, Kasper Hartman, Simon Ludgate
Beijing Team
  • Producer: Lin Dan Xia
  • Game Designer Leaders: Mei Dong Sheng, Jia Lin, Song Xin
  • Game Designers: Jia Lin, Zhu Yun
  • Lead Graphic Artists: Lv Hai Jia, Yan Bo
  • Graphic Artists: Sun Long Qing, Gao Yu Min
  • Lead Programmers: Qiu Wei Min, Qi Wu, Sun Hao
  • Programmers: Qi Wu, Zhang Hong Rui, Deng Hai Tao, Tao Yi Dong
  • Quality Assurance Managers: Wang Peng, Costel Apopii
  • Quality Assurance Lead: Gao Wei
  • Quality Assurance QA: Deng Si Lin, Lu Di, Tian Mu, Zhu Min, Wang Nan, Lifei, Wang Zhi Hao, Wang Wen Chao, Zhang Jing, Ma Jing, Zhang Yao, Tang Ran, Wang Chen, Zhang Chun, Chen Bo, Li Xiang, Zhao Qi Rui, Liu Ning
  • Studio Manager: Yu Fei


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