Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360 preview build)

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Sonic Unleashed
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Xbox 360
Genre: Action Adventure
The Sonic Unleashed Xbox 360 Preview Build is a pre-release version of Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360 version). It was released by N!NJA on December 6, 2016 on the
Sonic Retro
Sonic Retro forums

Build Date

  • Disc label: 1/09/2008
  • XEX: Sun Aug 31 22:41:02 2008
  • Dev Menu: Revision 6005 Mon Apr 21 06:50:59 2008.

All three of these dates are different, which makes it hard to determine the actual build date. The Dev Menu date appears to be a Subversion timestamp, so that could be the date of the actual code; the XEX date would then be when the game was actually compiled. The disc label date is one day after the XEX, so that would be when it was actually burned to disc.

Known Differences

  • A full debugging environment is included.

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