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From a storyline perspective, the Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity mission mode represents a series of simulations being conducted by Dr. Eggman within his new Sonic Simulator, in a bid to study his enemies' techniques.

All of the Zero Gravity racetracks feature seven missions, which are played through as a variety of different characters. Objectives range from simply crossing the finish line quickly, to collecting rings, to performing specific tricks repeatedly. The three possible rankings awarded are Normal, Super, and Extreme, denoted in-game by blue, orange, and golden cards respectively.

Transcript - Eggman's Comments

Eggman has something witty to say to his simulation for all three rankings of all seven missions of all sixteen courses - ranging from scathing disparagement at Normal level to shock and awe if the player achieves an Extreme rank.

(This full transcript was compiled the hard way - achieving all 336 different ranks - by Kintobor.)


(Shown when first entering Mission Mode)

I am Dr. Eggman, the most brilliant mastermind in the world! I aspire for nothing short of world domination! Many times I have come close--oh so close! But always, at the very last minute, my beautiful plans are foiled by that pest, Sonic! Hoh ho ho ho! But no longer! Behold my newest creation! I call it the "Sonic Simulator"! With this, I can analyze the abilities of Sonic and his friends, and find their weak points once and for all!

Heroes Story

(KEY: "N" = Normal; "S" = Super; "X" = Extreme)

Megalo Station


Time to see just how fast Sonic really is!

N: What was "fastest" about that? I know that's not your best time!

S: A pretty good time! But not good enough to be called "fastest."

X: Now that's the Sonic I know! They don't call you the fastest in the land for nothing.


How many rings can you get, Sonic? Let's see, shall we?

N: Ho ho ho! At this rate, I'll put you out of your misery long before you get back into shape.

S: You haven't lost your touch. but that's not good enough to beat me!

X: Astounding... You've actually improved?! I might have known, Sonic.


Has Tails made any progress as a mechanic? Let's see his gear put to the test!

N: That's it? Only second-rate mechanics rely on invention alone.

S: Not bad. But with a proper tune-up you could do so much more...

X: Now those were some fancy tricks! Chalk that one up to flawless tuning.


Let's see what you're made of, Sonic. Can you grind your way through THIS railway?

N: It appears you haven't got the hang of grinding yet. I can't judge its true worth from this.

S: Such splendid technique! I'll have to get practicing myself.

X: Just what I'd expect from you, Sonic! Once again, you force me to take the gloves off.


What are these "meteor bursts" capable of? Ho ho! I'll use Sonic to test their limits.

N: That's all? This is hardly worth looking into.

S: It looks like Sonic has a few things to learn. I can't formulate useful data from this!

X: Impressive! Leave it to Sonic to exhibit such extreme power!


I have upgraded my robots! Time to pit them against Knuckles for a real test.

N: What? That's all? Why did I bother upgrading my robots?

S: So he's about evenly matched in terms of power. I'll just have to proceed extra-carefully!

X: Astonishing! When did Knuckles get so fast? This could be a serious problem...


My targets are all in position. Let's see how many of them Amy can break.

N: That's all she can do? Bah! She poses no threat to my masterful schemes.

S: Hohoho, not bad, not bad. I've got nothing to fear from her, though.

X: She broke that many of them?! She's fully mastered gravity control!

Botanical Kingdom


I have yet to ascertain Tails' abilities. Now's my chance to measure them first hand!

N: That can't be all he's capable of. I'll have to conduct the test again.

S: This data should prove useful, but Tails is capable of more, I'm sure of it.

X: Such power! I'm amazed! Tails certainly lived up to my expectations!


You won't enjoy grabbing Rings in a course this twisted... but I'll enjoy watching you try!

N: That's all you were able to get, Amy? Perhaps this course was out of your league.

S: I saw those rings you left on the course. You'll have to do better if you want to catch Sonic.

X: You snagged them without batting an eye! Chasing Sonic must be a good workout...


Now to study Knuckles' tricks and use them to develop the ultimate robot!

N: A performance like that does my robot development absolutely no good at all!

S: Those were some good tricks... but not of the caliber I'd hoped to program into my robots.

X: What magnificent data! I must program it into my robots at once!


How your gear flies may be a secret... but only until I lay its inner workings bare!

N: Bah! Terrible. This data tells me nothing.

S: I suppose this data sample will be adequate. Still I'd hoped for something better...

X: Aha, a perfect data sample! This will doubtlessly further my research.


So, meteor bursts make one faster... But how much faster? I must find out!

N: Eh? That didn't look any faster to me.

S: Well, they did seem to make him a little faster, but not fast enough to warrent the research.

X: The difference is astounding! I must master these meteor bursts at once.


I must witness the destructive power of gravity! Perhaps I will refer to Tails' techniques!

N: What a disappointment. These manuevers bear no further investigation.

S: He's no better at this that I am! I hardly learned a thing.

X: Such destructive power! Soon, those secrets will be mine!


How does one save up gravity points? I'll use Tails to investigate.

N: I didn't learn a blasted thing! Tails has certainly let me down.

S: I see! That's how it's done... This calls for further study.

X: Aha! now I see how it's done. And lo, my technique draws ever nearer to perfection!

Meteortech Premises


Let's see if Knuckles has the hang of riding that gear!

N: That's all? Are you riding the gear, or is it riding you?

S: Good, but not what I'd call perfect. I will whip you into shape!

X: Hmm, such flawless gear skills! I can see he is not to be trifled with.


I'd like to see you snag Rings this ingeniously placed!

N: Oh ho ho! You are powerless in the face of my genius!

S: What's wrong? Was the ring placement too INGENIOUS for you? Next time I'll make it easy.

X: That should have been perfect... Blast! now I have to think up something new!


Watch me steal Sonic's ultimate trick!

N: That was nothing special. I am several degrees more "hip," if I do say so myself.

S: Not bad at all, but you should have seen what I could do when I was younger!

X: What marvelous tricks! I loathe him... and yet I could not look away.


Has Tails really mastered handling flying gear? Well, I'll just have to observe his technique!

N: Such juvenile ambition! If I were him, I would not rest at simply floating through the sky.

S: Not a bad display of flying ability. Still, I wouldn't say it couldn't be any better.

X: Leave it to Tails! He truly is a master among mechanics AND riders.


Gravity dives could be the key to foiling Sonic! Amy's dives will teach me what I need to know.

N: She hasn't mastered them yet. It's not worth observing this.

S: Poor Sonic. I'd hate to be chased by a lady who moves that fast.

X: If she's got gravity dives down this well, not even Sonic can hope to outrun her forever.


I will measure Knuckles' power! Let's see if he can destroy my robot...

N: If power is his one saving grace, I'll have no trouble dealing with him down the line.

S: Indeed he has power, but it does him little good without speed to match.

X: How did he destroy my robot so easily? It seems I underestimated him.


I must investigate the destructive power of gravity dives. This should be a blast!

N: Gravity dives won't be a problem at all. Why did I even bother investigating?

S: Hmm... Not as powerful as I thought, but it never hurts to be wary.

X: What astonishing power... If I master gravity dives, the world will be mine in no time flat!

Aquatic Capital


Let's just see if Sonic can maintain that speed of his over a surface of water!

N: Ho ho ho ho! Is that all he's got, then? I guess water really does slip him up!

S: Hmph! Sonic may be fastest on land, but not on water!

X: Grr... Not even water slips him up! No wonder they call him the world's fastest.


I've scattered Rings all over the course. I can't wait to see how Tails does!

N: For being Sonic's partner, I'm a bit surprised that he couldn't get more...

S: Well, he did collect a fair number, but there are still a lot he missed.

X: What? He collected THAT many?! Tails' technique is incredible!


I must examine Knuckles' tricks carefully for shortcomings of any kind!

N: That's really the best he can do, huh? Looks like tricks are Knuckles' weak point.

S: Oh! Those were rather nice tricks... but far from perfect, mind you.

X: My! That was an eye-popping display! It was silly of me to expect any less.


Amy must have grinding skills unique to her! And it falls upon me to investigate...

N: So much for being a master of grinding. This won't help my research at all.

S: That's some pretty nice grinding, I must say, but not the best I've ever seen.

X: Oho! Splendid, splendid! Now that's what I call skill!


You claim to be all about power, Knuckles. But how well can you use meteor bursts?

N: It looks like you're struggling with meteor bursts. Their potential is wasted on you!

S: You do have a fair amount of skill, but it seems you haven't perfected your technique.

X: What? How did you do that?! So, you have more than just raw power going for you.


So, Amy is racing with the others... Now I can observe firsthand what she's made of!

N: Sonic and the others should have let her win for a change. Have they no sense of chivalry?

S: I'll admit, she's quick. I'd say she's evenly matched with those other 3.

X: Astounding! She trounced all 3 of them? I had better not get on her bad side...


How far can Tails make it within my time limit? This'll be a true test of his skill!

N: That's not an impressive time at all. You need to get more items than that!

S: You got to the goal rather quickly, but I know how to score a better time!

X: Not only did he fetch a lot of items, but he really knew that course, too.

Gigan Rocks


Up and down, down and up! Can Sonic really handle my confounding new course?

N: Ho ho ho... Fastest in the land? Don't make me laugh!

S: I think I'm still a bit faster than you. Which makes ME fastest in the land, I believe.

X: Such unbelievable speed! I see why they call him the fastest in the land!


I have hidden Rings in the ruins. Hee hee! I can't wait to see how many you find!

N: That's all you were able to find? You may as well give up on treasure hunting!

S: Pretty good, but it appears I outdid you.

X: You found nearly all of them! you really are a top-notch treasure hunter!


This deep ravine may as well be bottomless! A test of courage as well as of skill.

N: If you can't handle heights like this, you'll never be a match for me.

S: Not bad at all. But the height clearly threw you off.

X: Splendid tricks! I'm surprised you didn't bat an eye at that height.


Now, let me investigate just how much of this so-called skill isn't just bragging.

N: Apparently even calling you a "powerhouse" was off the mark.

S: He's pretty powerful, all right. Not QUITE as powerful as me, though.

X: If Knuckles' is really this powerful, then I must keep an even closer eye on him.


Meteor bursts let you hit top speed instantly! But mastering it can't be easy.

N: So much for his being able to master THAT skill. I'll end up mastering it before him.

S: Well, not perfect, but still quite good. But I've got no need to worry.

X: But...but that was just about perfect! He's like a ninja!


These targets I've constructed will let me see the destructive power of gravity dive!

N: I can't collect data if he misses the targets! What a letdown Knuckles turned out to be.

S: This will not do at all. I need more data. More, I say!

X: Knuckles' skill is even more impressive than the destructive power of gravity dives.


I don't expect much potential from Amy, but I may as well get the data for reference.

N: Not even close. Shall I teach you how it's done?

S: Mm-hmm! Better than I'd anticipated. Still no match for me, though.

X: Oho! Now there's a surprise! And here I just took her for a little girl...

Crimson Crater


I wonder if Tails can get through my own special MeteorTech-brand course!

N: That's no good at all! you didn't analyze the course at all, did you?

S: Heh heh, you started out well enough, but you weren't quite able to see it through.

X: What?! I might have known you would analyze the course in advance, Tails.


I've made this course myself, extra-nasty! You won't get through it that easily.

N: What a dissatisfying Ring count... When did Sonic get so sloppy?

S: Sonic collected quite a few Rings, but left a fair share of them out on the course, too.

X: How did he collect so many? I had better watch my step around that hedgehog!


I've got to investigate the phenomenal tricks that Knuckles' power is capable of!

N: I guess Knuckles isn't up on his tricks. There's no need to investigate him further.

S: There were some good tricks in there, but on the whole, I'm not too worried about that.

X: One splendid trick after another... Knuckles truly is a force to be reckoned with.


Now to see how many sections of my special railway you can grind upon.

N: Th-That's your best record? Are you sure you're not better than that?

S: Your grinding skills aren't half-bad, but they still hold no real interest for me.

X: But I worked so hard designing those! Sonic, you really are the fastest.


Only true skill with gravity dive can keep your whole world from going topsy-turvy!

N: You're just trying the same thing over and over. That's not what I call mastery.

S: There's some degree of talent to you, but your moves lack a certain... something.

X: You managed to do that well on this course?! You're a master of teamwork AND technique!


Time to send my specially-returned robots after that pest Amy.

N: I knew it! You didn't stand a chance. Just wait! Sonic will be the next to go!

S: Hmm, I see room for improvement. Next time you won't be so lucky.

X: What?! You... you caught my robot? Blast! Back to the drawing board!


Time is ticking away, my little friend! Think you can stand the pressure?

N: You barely made it. I have no use for such pedestrian data.

S: Oh, so you made it through. Well, you certainly took your time about it!

X: Splendid, Sonic! Such an efficient run! I should've known...

Astral Babylon


I've linked the mechanism to a switch. I wonder if Knuckles will notice...

N: He didn't notice the switches at all. Someone needs to be more attentive...

S: A pretty good time! He would have done better if he'd used the switches to their full potential.

X: What a time! He certainly made the most of those switches.


There's more to this course than meets the eye. Rushing ahead won't get you anywhere.

N: Not even close. Really, how careless can you be?

S: Ohh, you were so close. But I still see some Rings out there.

X: Hmph. You certainly raked in enough Rings. Next time I won't put so many out.


I've linked the mechanism to a switch. How many tricks can Amy pull off?

N: You can't pull off tricks at all, can you? That's what you get for fixating on Sonic!

S: She found about half of them. But there are still more hidden.

X: Whoa! Even I didn't notice all of those. A woman's sixth sense must be very sharp!


There must be a secret to Knuckles' power. If I analyze it, that secret will be mine!

N: I guess there's really no secret at all. He's just a big dumb brute.

S: Hmph! Strong, but not all that strong. Maybe it's just normal martial arts?

X: I don't believe it! Does Knuckles power come from his people guarding the Master Emerald?


By analyzing Amy's technique, I'll be sure to improve my own!

N: Hmph! I won't learn anything if she's still learning herself.

S: That performance had its flaws, but she certainly has a grasp of how to do it.

X: My, that was educational. This is sure to improve my own technique.


No matter how fast you may be, Sonic, you'll see that speed is not enough!

N: I really expected more from Sonic. I guess I gave him too much credit.

S: As much as I'd love to say "outstanding," that didn't really meet my expectations.

X: That's the Sonic I know! Always defying my expectations.


Sonic versus the Babylon Rogues! Who really IS the fastest? Ooh, I don't want to miss this!

N: What kind of halfhearted match was that? I demand that you take this seriously!

S: They both did pretty well indeed, but... I'd say the Babylon Rogues were a bit better.

X: Now that's the Sonic I love to hate. Still the fastest in the land.

80's Boulevard


Let's see how fast you really are, Amy!

N: That's as fast as you can go, huh? You've got a long way to go, Amy.

S: Oh ho! Not bad at all. Too bad you couldn't exceed my calculations.

X: What a time! I never dreamed you were so quick.


How many Rings can a wild rider like Knuckles grab? I'll be watching very closely.

N: Is that all he was able to collect? Hmm, this study was a waste of my time.

S: If he wasn't so wild, he wouldn't have left so many Rings out on the course...

X: Wonderful! I never imagined he posessed such skill.


I lack sufficient research into Sonic's trick techniques. Time to complete my data!

N: Those were some dull tricks... I wasted my time.

S: Ooh, not bad! But that's Sonic for you.

X: Wonderful! Once again Sonic had me completely riveted.


I've turned the whole city into an athletic course! Can you find all of the grind rails?

N: With such clumsy skill, there's no way he can get by. Is he holding back for some reason?

S: I suppose his technique isn't bad, but there were places he could have done better grinding.

X: What marvelous technique! Sonic really is second-to-none.


I will unlock the secrets of the meteorite! And Sonic is going to help me, hee hee!

N: No, no! This data is all wrong! Now I have to do it all over again!

S: Hmm, what fascinating data. But not what I need to advance my research.

X: Ho ho ho! Such excellent data. This will bring my research one step closer to perfection.


I need additional data to make my robots more powerful. Knuckles' data should do nicely.

N: Ahh... I wasn't able to collect very useful data... What a waste of a good car!

S: This data should do rather nicely. Time to begin analyzing it.

X: Destroyed in no time flat! Knuckles is a regular terror...


So, that strange meteorite has the power of gravity, does it? Let's just see what it can do, then!

N: That's it? I suppose I overestimated just how destructive those forces were.

S: A decent display of destructive power. With more research, a new superweapon is within my grasp.

X: Talk about complete destruction! I'm almost afraid to study this any further.

Babylon Story

Gigan Device


Let’s see how smart a super-mechanic like Wave really is.

N: If she’s a “super-mechanic” and this is the best she can do, what does that make me?

S: I can see why they call her a super-mechanic. But her genius falls short of my own.

X: What incredible smarts! I almost wish I could scout her as my henchwoman…


Power alone won’t help you when it comes to navigating the labyrinth of these ruins!

N: I knew it. Even a powerhouse like you stumbles in the face of my genius!

S: Your technique is nothing to sniff at, but not enough to outsmart me.

X: What skills! Leave it to a Babylon Rogue.


Go on, Wave. Perform a perfect trick right where I can see it… and steal it! Ho ho!

N: Those were all basic tricks. I need an AMAZING trick, or what’s the point of stealing it?

S: Hmm, those tricks were something else. But everything else was average.

X: It was like she was flying! I’ve never seen tricks like that.


I’ll judge your grinding, Jet, and see if you live up to that lofty reputation!

N: Your reputation exceeds you, I’m afraid. Even I can do better than that.

S: You’re every bit as good as they say. But you’re still far from perfect!

X: You’re even better than they say. I’m embarrassed that I even doubted you.


I must study Wave’s gravity dives and use the data to develop my robots!

N: I already have scads of data THAT boring. Was she even trying?

S: There were some problems with those movements. I can’t get stable data.

X: Her command of gravity is astonishing… My robots could never perform that well.


Prepare to see what my robots can really do, Jet!

N: What a joke. It’ll be ages before he can ever beat MY robots.

S: Jet may be good, but I needn’t concern myself with him just yet.

X: My robots couldn’t touch him! There must be some sort of mistake…


Break these targets… if you can find them within these maze-like ruins, that is! Mwahaha!

N: You barely got any of them at all! Once again, my genius prevails!

S: You destroyed a good number of them, but there are still a few left, here and there.

X: You didn’t even blink! Bravo! I…I mean CURSES!

Nightside Rush


Let’s see how fast the leader of the Babylon Rogues really is.

N: Laughable! How does Jet manage to stay in the Babylon Rogues if he’s that slow?

S: he’s certainly quick, but for a “legend,” Jet isn’t all that legendary…

X: So fast! No wonder Jet is a legend.


Thanks to the weather, I can see whether Wave’s tuning can handle slippery rain conditions!

N: What a dismal result! How can you look in the mirror and still call yourself a mechanic?

S: That was some nice Ring-collecting, but the gear didn’t handle in the rain all that well.

X: Look at that! Perfect handling, even in the rain! Even I could learn a thing or two…


You’ve only got four chances to pull off tricks! How fancy can you make them?

N: All those trick chances, wasted. What an eyesore…

S: Those tricks were decent, but I was hoping for a little more impact.

X: Hmm, you were able to make the most of every opportunity… I had better keep an eye on you.


Flying through the night city isn’t so simple, is it? Just how good are you, Wave?

N: Lousy technique, plain and simple. Did the nightscape put you to sleep?

S: Not bad. Not bad at all. But I knew the night visibility would slow you down.

X: Such superb air-riding technique. You Rogues boast some impressive skills.


Show me what you can do with those meteor bursts, Jet!

N: Is that the best you can do, Babylon? Your reputation exceeds you.

S: That’s some decent skill. You’re not half bed, Jet.

X: Now that’s making the most of meteor bursts! You Babylonians really earned your reputation.


Who will come out on top: My robot, or the mighty Storm?

N: How could one little robot cause you so much trouble? You’re an embarrassment to your clan.

S: My robot seems to be the underdog, but I can fix that easily enough.

X: You wrecked my robot without breaking a sweat… I hadn’t expected such ability!


Put some flash in your smash! I want to see some spectacular data!

N: You didn’t smash very many. For a big guy, you put in a small performance.

S: You destroyed a fair amount, but for a Babylon Rogue that was shameful.

X: Such spectacular smashing! Leave it to a Babylon Rogue.

Snowy Kingdom


Storm takes pride in his power. What about speed, though? This merits further study!

N: Oh ho ho! So Storm’s weakness is his lack of speed…

S: Hmm… He has speed, but not on par with his power, it seems.

X: Hmm, how does a big guy like him move so fast? No wonder he’s with the Rogues!


It’ll take real skill to maneuver on those snowy roads. How good of a mechanic are you?

N: You only collected that many? You’re not such a good mechanic after all.

S: I expected as much from the Rogue’s mechanic. But you’re still no match for me.

X: What?! So many Rings! You really are a super mechanic!


After examining Jet’s gear techniques, his secrets to success will be mine!

N: You’re the greatest in Babylon history? I can hardly believe it.

S: Hmm… You have rather impressive technique. Not what I’d call perfect, though.

X: Hmm, what splendid technique! What a riveting performance! You live up to your reputation.


Storm sure is strong, but let’s see if he can handle snowy conditions like these.

N: That’s the extent of your power? Appearances certainly can be deceiving.

S: Your power is impressive, but those rumors about being able to smash walls? Utter nonsense.

X: Egad! How did you blow away so many snowballs?! Such tremendous power…


Think you’ve got meteor bursts down pat? Then show me, Jet!

N: You think skills like that earn you the name “Wind Rider”? Please don’t kid yourself.

S: Hmm, you have the basics down. But you don’t live up to your reputation.

X: Ohh! With mastery like that, it’s no wonder they call you the “Wind Rider”!


Can you still hit targets while slipping and sliding all over the place, Wave, my dear?

N: You may be a superb mechanic, but you’re woefully lacking in skill!

S: You’re on the right track, but it seemed to me your gear did more work than you did…

X: I can’t complain about that performance. Your knowledge and technique were both perfect.


You won’t be able to keep from slipping on THIS course! Think you can keep your cool?

N: You have a lot to learn. Try working on your gear technique some more.

S: Hmm, not a bad time at all. You’ve got some decent gear technique.

X: Incredible! How did you pull of (misspelled) such a fast time? Nothing seemed to faze you in the least.

Meteortech Sparkworks


Time to study how well Wave’s gear performs. I can’t wait to see her push it to the limit!

N: That won’t do at all. Wave has some learning to do.

S: She has quite the high-performance gear. But it’s no match for the gears I make.

X: Hmm, it performs quite well. I should implement this technology in my company’s gears.


A bandit like him ought to be good at snatching Rings. Now to reveal his secret techniques!

N: I thought he was better than that! Unless I’m just missing something?

S: He seems pretty good at collecting, but I didn’t see any special techniques.

X: Leave it to Jet of the Babylon Rogues to show off some truly impressive skills.


You may be the Babylon Rogues’ strongest, but how well can you pull off tricks?

N: No, no. You’ll never master tricks with power alone.

S: You do exhibit some technique, and yet still you rely too much on power.

X: What a sublime balance of power and skill! That’s what I call the perfect trick.


I will examine Jet’s grinding techniques and steal them for myself!

N: Jet has no grasp of any secret techniques. I’ll just have to discover them myself.

S: I was so close to discovering something… I must study him further.

X: What graceful grinding! I was so enchanted I forgot I was there to steal your moves.


I must study Wave’s gravity dives. Let’s see if she has them down pat or not.

N: She hasn’t mastered gravity dives at all! Her ancestors must be turning in their graves…

S: Not bad, but I can dive just as well as she can.

X: Whew, leave it to one of the Babylon Rogues… She dives like she really means business.


Now, to pit my newly-designed robots against Storm for their first performance test!

N: Uwee hah hah! Complete victory is mine! Sometimes I’m frightened by my own genius.

S: Hmm, the robots could use some improvements. But I will perfect them and defeat Sonic!

X: I can’t believe it… my robots… defeated? Blast! Back to the drawing board!


When in attack posture, one’s power seems to increase. I should check to see how much.

N: He doesn’t seem any stronger than he was before. That must have all just been rumors.

S: He’s gotten stronger, I can tell, but not as much as I’d feared.

X: A decent match for 3 opponents, eh? It seems he’s gotten stronger.

Tempest Waterway


Does Jet’s speed stand up to Sonic’s? I shall get to the bottom of this personally!

N: Why would he take Sonic on if his speed pales in comparison? The fool!

S: He’s admittedly very quick, but an even match with Sonic at best.

X: Who knew Jet was so quick? Soon they’ll be calling HIM world’s fastest!


Your gathering skills will be put to the test! Show me what a Babylon Rogue can do!

N: You hardly grabbed any at all. What an embarrassment to the Rogues!

S: You have talent as a bandit, but sadly it seems I came out on top!

X: How did you get so many Rings?! It appears the Babylon Rogues live up to their name.


You seem to have some competency as a mechanic, but how are you at tricks?

N: What dull tricks. I am several degrees more “hip” if I do say so myself!

S: Hmm, you pulled off some fancy tricks, but you’re still a step behind me.

X: Excellent, Wave. A riveting performance!


So, he has the strength to shatter boulders? Hah! Let’s see what he’s really made of.

N: He’s not unbelievably strong at all! He’s just big and fat!

S: He’s powerful, I’ll give him that. But not nearly as powerful as my creations!

X: I never imagined he possessed such power! He could lay waste to the entire town.


Storm boasts tremendous power, so why don’t we see if he has diving techniques to match?

N: Good thing he has power going for him, because he has no control over gravity at all!

S: He has a decent grasp of gravity dives, but is still far from perfecting them, I see.

X: What amazing gravity! I thought I would get sucked in for sure…


It’s a battle against the clock! Where’s your legendary status now, Jet?

N: There was barely any time left on the clock! Who decided that Jet was a legend, again?

S: Hmmm. That time comes within my estimates. I had hoped for something faster.

X: Now that’s what I call speedy! Jet certainly earned his legendary reputation for a reason.


Surely you want to break these new targets I’ve developed? Yes, break them! Give me your data!

N: You hardly broke anything at all… Your ancestors must be turning in their graves.

S: More destruction! I still don’t have enough data to analyze.

X: Ho ho ho! This data should prove sufficient. I must begin analyzing this power at once.

Security Corridor


Can you break the course record, Storm? Ho ho, this will be fun!

N: At this rate, it might be some time before you break the record…

S: A good time. You’ve got potential, Storm.

X: How does a big guy like you move so fast? I didn’t give you enough credit.


I’m going to steal the Rogues’ techniques by studying them as they do what they do best.

N: Is that all you Rogues can do? Show me something I don’t already know!

S: Oh ho, your skills do impress. Your fellow Rogues would be proud.

X: That technique was spectacular… Truly, worthy of a legend.


Now, to study Jet and steal the legendary tricks passed down to him through Babylon generations!

N: That was nothing. I could string together a far better trick than that!

S: Splendid tricks, to be sure, but not the stuff of legends.

X: What incredible tricks! I could conquer the world if I mastered this!


This course is perfect! I engineered it myself. Can you air ride all the way to the end?

N: Ho ho ho! Too tough for you, Wave?

S: So close… Ah, well. If only you weren’t such a failure…

X: Only a perfect air rider could navigate that route. Amazing!


Reveal to me all your diving secrets, so I can give them the close scrutiny they deserve!

N: That’s it? What was the point of studying that?

S: Hmm, I sense great potential. I must collect more data…

X: This…this is it! The ultimate power I have sought all these long years!


Time for a thorough study of the Babylon leader’s gravity actions…

N: Is that all what the Babylon Rogues can do? Honestly, what is all the fuss about?

S: Oh ho! Not bad at all. But not perfect, either.

X: Tremendous! Flawless! No wonder they call him Babylon’s greatest.


My anti-Sonic robots certainly won’t have any trouble with the likes of Storm.

N: That was rather lacking. I may as well discard the data.

S: What tremendous attacks! Not bad, Storm. Not bad at all.

X: You landed attacks with merciless speed. Storm, you are a force to be reckoned with.

Mobius Strip


So, Jet wants to get through the Master Core: ABIS? Time to witness his true skill.

N: He barely got by with his neck intact. Perhaps my creation was simply too powerful.

S: He’s on par with my robot. Not bad, Jet. Not bad at all.

X: He destroyed that robot that easily? Jet’s legendary status is well-earned!


Let’s see if you can collect Rings while the Master Core: ABIS attacks you, Wave!

N: Ho ho ho! What’s wrong, Wave? Got egg on your face? Mwahaha!

S: Hmm, very good. But I could have done just as well.

X: You win. I can’t help but be enchanted by such stunning gear skills!


Storm only has four chances to perform tricks. How well can he pull this one off?

N: Ho ho ho ho! That’s all he’s got? He’s just a big oaf with no skill OR spirit!

S: Better than I’d expected. But still, far from perfect.

X: Th-That was perfect! Not a single chance wasted in showing such amazing talent!


Ho ho ho! I will use Storm as a decoy so I can study the Master Core: ABIS’s attacks.

N: My robots are as powerful as I’d hoped. That poor Storm never stood a chance.

S: Oho! Storm’s better than I thought, but he’s still no real match for my robots.

X: Gadzooks! I had better put more research into studying Storm’s attack power!


It’s a long way to the goal! You’d better hope your meteor bursts are timed just right!

N: Bah! You can’t even make the grade! Where’s the effort? I mean, honestly!

S: That wasn’t a perfect performance, but it was enough to get my attention, to say the least.

X: Not a single slip-up with those meteor bursts! This is rather…disconcerting…


No handicaps! No holds barred! Let’s see what you’re really made of, Jet!

N: Whew! You won by the slimmest of margins. That could have gone either way.

S: It appears you had a lot of trouble. But it’s impressive that you beat it at all.

X: Splendid! You’ve earned your legendary status.


This course isn’t easy! Just how much can you charge up within the time limit?

N: If that’s all you could muster, then I’M the one who should be teaching YOU!

S: You built up about as much as I expected. I want to know more about your technique.

X: Wave is incredible! I’ve never seen anyone who could accumulate like that!

‘90s Boulevard


The world needs only one super-mechanic, Wave! I will show them where you really stand!

N: Ho ho ho! You’re still just a fledgling, Wave.

S: You’re no super-mechanic, but I will admit you’re quite skilled.

X: Well…I suppose the world could have TWO super-mechanics…Ahem.


I’ve studied Jet enough. He’ll never be able to pass THIS challenge!

N: Hmmm. Exactly as my calculations predicted.

S: Humph. You collected more than I predicted… but still well within my margin of calculation.

X: I underestimated you greatly, Jet. I must begin my research anew…


I’ll make Jet perform the best tricks that he can, and then I’ll copy his expert technique!

N: Is that all you’re made of, Jet? I overestimated you, didn’t I?

S: Your tricks aren’t bad, but they lack a certain something. Your technique isn’t worth stealing.

X: You defy gravity as if it were second nature. Jet the Hawk, you truly are a legend.


Time for another study of Wave’s air riding. Hope the nighttime skyline doesn’t distract her!

N: Oh, that was no good at all! The flashy city lights must’ve broken her concentration.

S: There was a little something off in her flying. Perhaps the bustle of the city distracted her?

X: When it comes to air riding, she’s the world’s greatest. The way she flies is just gorgeous.


Don’t just waste your gravity points, my friend! Deciding on when to use your powers is key.

N: That’s the best you can do? You’re all muscle, Storm, and nothing more.

S: You do well, I admit. And you use your head at least a bit.

X: What?! Look at these results! Both power and skill are completely off the charts!


I’ve got time items placed masterfully. Take it lightly, and you’ll never reach the finish!

N: Aww… You barely made it! It’s no fun when you don’t even try.

S: You only made a few slip-ups there, but if this is your best effort, it won’t be enough.

X: Look at all that time on the clock! When you get serious, Storm… watch out!


At last, the stage is set for yours truly. My conquest of the world is at hand!

N: Ho ho ho! If this is all the Rogues can do, the world will soon be mine!

S: Not bad, Babylon Rogues. But you didn’t leave an itch, let alone a scratch! Mwahaha!

X: Curses! Just you wait! Next time we meet, I’ll dismantle you for good!


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