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Sonic Retro Discord server
Current owner(s): Sonic Retro
Type of site: Discord server
Created on: 2016-07-20
Current status: Online

The Sonic Retro Discord server is the official Discord server for both Sonic Retro and Sega Retro. It is the current meeting place outside of the forums for the community, in which live conversation can occur over a variety of topics including but not limited to the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The server was officially opened on July 20th 2016.[1]

One does not need to be a member of the forums to join the Sonic Retro Discord server.

How to join

In order to access the Sonic Retro Discord server, one must have an account on the Discord platform. Individuals looking to set one up can either go to the official website, or download the app on their mobile platform of choice. Once an account is set up, a user can join the server by clicking the invite link here.

After joining the server, a user must read, then agree, to the rules listed in the rules channel in order to participate.


Below are a list of categories and channels in the server currently available to all members:


  • #⁠rules - The rules for the server
  • #announcements - A read only channel where new front page articles, key stories from SEGAbits, and general server announcements are posted.

Retro Site Talk

  • #⁠wiki-talk - The dedicated channel to discuss projects, issues, and concerns for the family of Retro wikis.
  • #⁠wiki-reporting - A read-only room listing the most recent wiki edits on the Retro family of sites.
  • #⁠forum-reporting - A read-only room listing the most recent posts on the Sonic Retro forums.

Sayin' Things

  • #⁠general - The main channel in the server. Almost anything can be discussed here, as long as it doesn't break the rules.
  • #⁠sonic - Where most Sonic the Hedgehog discussion occurs.
  • #⁠sega - Dedicated discussion on all things Sega outside of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • #⁠tomfoolery - Lighthearted, comedic talk and the occasional meme.
  • #⁠wholesome - A cute picture of a cat or dog can go a long way to cheer up your day.
  • #spoilers - Dedicated channel for discussing media that has recently come out.

Playin' Things

  • #⁠gameroom - A room to set up gaming, or chat during.

Makin' Things

  • #⁠hacking - From Sonic the Hedgehog to Sonic Frontiers, disassemblies and modifications are discussed.
  • #⁠gamedev - Fan and indie game development are shown and discussed.
  • #⁠creative - Other creative works are shown off here.


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