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Members are the majority of those who use both the Sonic Retro forums and the wiki. On the forums, a Member is someone who has been upgraded from pending membership after proving themselves a real person by writing a small post on the Validation Forum. Members are able to see an expanded list of forums, including forums dedicated to showing off creative works, a place to talk about gaming outside of what is covered on the Retro family of sites, and a more general forum for any and all topics which fall under the purview of the rules.

Members on the Sonic Retro wiki are able to freely edit pages and upload files.

Wiki Permissions

  • Read: Yes
  • Edit: Yes
  • Create Page: Yes
  • Upload: Yes
  • Reupload: Yes
  • Move: No
  • Rollback: No
  • Sysop Block (Block, Protect, Delete, LocalUpload): No

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