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The bugs in this list apply specifically to the emulator used in Sonic Mega Collection. Bugs that exist in the original releases of each game can be found in their respective bug pages.

Game-specific bugs

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

DAC sample corruption

In Sonic 2's sound test, play sounds 7E, 7E, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, then press Z and select "Game Title" to soft reset. This will cause the snare drum samples in the music to be amplified to the point of crackling. It should be noted that some of the tracks on the sound test (especially those in the last ten slots) have the potential to freeze or crash the game when selected.

Not fixed in any version.


PAL optimisation error

SonicMegaCollection GC EU Bug Flicky PALOptimisations.png
Sonic Mega Collection (PAL)
Flicky MD EU Round1Start.png
Mega Drive (PAL)

The PAL version of Sonic Mega Collection configures all games to use their PAL versions when running in 50Hz mode, making an effort to remove overscan borders and having the screen fill the whole display. However, this does not account for games that use a vertical resolution of 240 on PAL systems. While most games in the collection do not use the extended vertical resolution on PAL systems, Flicky does by moving the lives and round counters into the extra space. Thus, due to how display scaling is handled in Sonic Mega Collection, these counters are cut off the screen.

While Ristar is also affected by this issue, no crucial information is cut off from the bottom of the screen.

Not fixed in any version.

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