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Sonic MedalsMedia:Sonic3D Sat US manual.pdf[1]Media:Sonic3D PC US manual.pdf[2] (ソニックメダル)Media:Sonic3D Sat JP manual.pdf[3], also known as Sonic iconsMedia:Sonic3D MD US manual.pdf[4], are collectible items that appear only in Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island.


Sonic Medals are found all over Flicky Island, appearing throughout Green Grove Zone up to Volcano Valley Zone, and Continues are obtained when 10 Sonic Medals are collected. They are usually placed above a spring, though some of them are too high for Sonic to reach unless he has enough Flickies following him. No Sonic Medals appear in Gene Gadget Zone and Panic Puppet Zone, meaning no more Continues can be obtained.


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