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This section covers the game concept of Sonic Mars, according to leaked Micheal Kosaka game script. The game was estimated to be 16-megs have two players simultaneously and be completed by June 1995.


When Sonic is away Checking on a security alarm in a remote part of the Green Forest his pals (Sally, Bunnie, Tails and Knuckles) have discovered a strange message from within one of Robotnik's super computers.

(Dr. Robotnik is trying to take over a computer VR world, Micro Mobius, and the message is a plea for help from it's peaceful inhabitants.)

Sonic returns to Knothole to discover that Robotnik has captured his friends and taken them into his VR world.

Sonic is tasked with trying to liberate his friends and thwart Robotnik's plan to completely "reformat" Micro Mobius.


  • The Sega logo has a easter egg, pressing any button besides Start will play a Sega shout voiced by either Sonic, Tails, Sally, or Robotnik. The screen can be bypassed by pressing the Start button.
SonicCrackers 1.png
  • Yet another cheat was to be hidden on the title screen. A cheat menu would activate after a certain button sequence is entered.
    • Zone = Zone name.
    • Act = Act number.
    • Sound = Sound number.
    • Music = Song name.
  • Monitors: The game has the standard powerup monitors, Invincibility, Power Sneakers. The Lightning Shield and Water Shield return from Sonic 3, dubbed the Magnetic Shield and Bubble Shield respectively, and work as in Sonic 3. The game introduces a new item: the Electron Box, which enables Sonic to move along electric circuits. The Robotnik boxes also return from Sonic 3, and damage the player as in said game. A new item, the Swatbox Repel box, repels rings for 15 seconds. The two new monitors do not make an appearance in later games.
  • Continues can be earned by gaining over 255 rings.
  • Certain events trigger dialogue from your partner, such as collecting an item, or completing certain tasks.
  • Levels would be made up of 2-4 floating cubes suspended in mid-air.
  • End Level Sign: The end level sign propels and can be swatted back and forth, similar to Sonic 3. Also, like Sonic 3, when the sign hits the ground there is a chance a power-up monitor will get knocked out of the ground.
  • At the end of the level your accumulated rings splash out of a tube.
  • Badniks:
    • Skuzzy
    • Socket
    • Cache Masher
    • Stacker
    • Viruz
    • Chipset
    • Floppy
    • Stagnat Sentry (activates when someone is near)
    • Patrollers (follows a dedicated path)
    • Hunter-Killers (acts the same as Stagnat or Patrollers, follows player)

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