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Wii U version

General bugs

Infinite wall run

Normally, when using Parkour to run up walls with ZR, Sonic is supposed to run out of stamina if he runs up the same wall for too long, and by jumping to another wall will he regain stamina. However, if Sonic jumps off the wall and performs a double jump, he can jump back onto the same wall with his stamina recharged. So long as the player continues to do a double jump every time stamina runs out, they can run up walls longer than intended.

By doing this on specific walls, it is possible for the player to scale walls farther than they should be able to and potentially go out of bounds. More often than not, this leads the player to spaces where there is no visible terrain, or if the player goes too far, places with no collision, leading to death.

Not fixed in any version.

Level-specific bugs

Desert Ruins

Free control in Zone 2

Zone 2 is a "mach speed" level which has Sonic constantly run forward. However, if the player aims Sonic to the far left of the screen during a freefall section and repeatedly presses X, it is possible to break out of the "mach speed" state and freely explore the level at the player's leisure.

This leads to two issues, though: firstly, attempting to Homing Attack a chain of Galaga Bees right before they despawn will cause Sonic to freeze in mid-air for a few seconds. Secondly, the player can humourously still die by walking into a wall, even at slow walking speeds.

Not fixed in any version.

Tropical Coast

Out of bounds in Zone ?

Immediately after launching out of the cannon at the start of Zone ?, hold UpLeft to make Sonic fly into the top-left corner and off the screen. After several seconds, the camera will pan up to Sonic, showing him in an empty sky with glitched clouds. There is no way to escape from this, so the player must wait for time to run out.

Not fixed in any version.

Rendering bugs

Super Sonic has two mouths!


Super Sonic's model has two mouths, one on each side of his face.

Not fixed in any version.

Miscellaneous bugs

Manual errors

The electronic manual is partially broken.


EN: "Game Screens" is both p.10 and p.11; "Circus" is both p.16 and p.17 ; "Color Powers" is referenced on both "Game Screens" pages as p.15, but this is actually "Advanced Actions". (The "Color Powers" page is completely missing.)

Not fixed in any version.


ES: "Game Screens" is only p.11; however, it links to "Color Powers" on p.15, when it's actually p.16.

Not fixed in any version.


FR: Same as ES.

Not fixed in any version. JP: Appears to be all correct.

Reward for completing all missions

In the Wii U version
In the PC version

If you complete all missions, Omochao says you've won a reward. The reward is... NOTHING! Presumably, this was supposed to be an actual reward.

Fixed in the PC version.


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