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Player bugs

Team Blast gauge charge glitch

SonicHeroes GC Bug TeamBlastCharge.png

In all versions of the game, there is a glitch that charges the Team Blast gauge quickly and easily. Switch to Flight Formation, and press Attack + Switch (Square+Triangle for PS2, for example) at the exact same time. The Fly character will attempt to use Thunder Shoot, but will have nobody to throw. Holding the buttons will keep them in the throwing animation and ramp the Gauge up significantly.

YouTube video showing the bug in action.

Not fixed in any version.

Slide Kick jump glitch

SonicHeroes GC Bug SlideKickJump 1.png
SonicHeroes GC Bug SlideKickJump 2.png

Using either Sonic or Shadow as the lead character, if the player slide kicks off a ledge, pressing the jump button while the character is in the kick makes the character jump. If the player waits until their character falls, this is disabled.

Not fixed in any version.

Rocket Accel moon jump glitch

In the PC version of the game (other versions need confirmation as to whether this works), using either Sonic or Shadow as the lead character, doing Rocket Accel right towards a wall, then jumping at the wall just before Sonic/Shadow slides left/right for collision, makes Sonic/Shadow do a really high moon jump. This is incredibly hard to pull off, so being able to make the jump requires more than one try and a lot of patience. The glitch was discovered by accident.

Not fixed in any version.

Twist Big's spine with Body Press

SonicHeroes GC Bug BreakBigsSpine 1.png
Stand on a ledge.
SonicHeroes GC Bug BreakBigsSpine 2.png
Switch mid-jump, then Body Press.
SonicHeroes GC Bug BreakBigsSpine 3.png
Break Big's spine.

Using Big as the lead character when playing as Team Rose, stand on the tip of any ledge, then make Big jump. During the jump, switch to Cream, then perform a Body Press right as Big lands. If timed correctly, Big's animation will break, making his spine look like it's twisting in strange ways as the team falls.

Not fixed in any version.

Power Gongs can break Team Blasts

SonicHeroes GC Bug PowerGongSoftlock 1.png
SonicHeroes GC Bug PowerGongSoftlock 2.png

When using Power Gongs it is possible to cause a softlock using Team Blast. As the Power character, run towards a Power Gong and perform a punch to activate it. Then, at the end of the Power character's animation, immediately switch to the Fly character and perform a Team Blast. The timing is incredibly precise, but if performed correctly the Team Blast animation will break and cause a softlock. It's still possible to escape this softlock by pausing the game and selecting Restart or Quit.

Not fixed in any version.

Pulley switch animation error

SonicHeroes GC Bug PulleySwitchAnimation.png

When encountering a pulley switch, have the Power character grab it, then repeatedly switch between the Speed and Fly characters. With each switch, the Power character's legs will gradually twist, leading to strange poses. This can be done with any Power character, but not every pulley switch in the game is guaranteed to allow this bug.

Not fixed in any version.

English grammatical errors

Response to the English translation of Sonic Heroes has been mixed, with some lines of dialogue being grammatically incorrect or inconsistent with the voice acting.

"Look at all those Eggman's robots!"

SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError EggmansRobots.png

In one of the more infamous lines of dialogue, Tails will state "Look at all of those Eggman's robots!" at various points where Team Sonic will encounter groups of enemies. Voice actor William Corkery, who is thought to have only been eight years old at the time, delivers the line as it's written.

Not fixed in any version.


SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError Its1.png
SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError Its2.png

Sonic Heroes struggles to make the distinction between the possessive "its" and the contraction for "it is", "it's". During the rock chase at the end of Ocean Palace, Knuckles' text will read "Looks like it's buddy has joined the party!", while a later line for Dr. Eggman at the start of Egg Fleet reads "Witness this invincible battleship, built by the hands of a genius. It's power...unmatched throughout the universe!".

Not fixed in any version.

"Are these Eggman's assassins?"

SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError AreTheseEggmansAssassins.png

At various points where Team Chaotix will encounter groups of enemies, Espio will say "Are those Eggman's robots?". However, the subtitles read a completely different line, "Are these Eggman's assassins?".

Not fixed in any version.

"Leave this to me!"

SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError LeaveThisToMe.png

At a certain point in Grand Metropolis as Team Chaotix, Vector will say "Boy, it doesn't look good.", followed by Espio saying "I'll handle it!". However, the subtitles read a completely different line, "Leave this to me!".

Not fixed in any version.

"This must Eggman's headquarters!"

SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError EggmansHeadquarters.png

Final Fortress with Team Sonic opens with Sonic saying "This must be Eggman's headquarters!", but the subtitle text is missing "be", leaving it as "This must Eggman's headquarters!".

Not fixed in any version.

"Looks like we're in jam, boys!"

SonicHeroes GC Bug GrammarError WereInJam.png

As Team Chaotix begin their fight with the Egg Emperor, an "a" is missing from the text of Vector's initial line of dialogue, leaving it as "Looks like we're in jam, boys!". His voice actor, Marc Biagi, delivers the line with correct grammar however.

Not fixed in any version.

Graphic bugs

Bobsled textures not displayed

When rendering the 2D bobsled elements, their UV coordinates weren't set on it's 2D rendering properties rendering them almost invisible.

Fixed in the PS2, Xbox and GameCube versions.

Audio bugs

Silent Cream

At the end of all stages and boss fights, the characters say something based on the level achieved. The character speaking is based on the character who accumulated the most points individually in regular stages or was the leader at the end of the boss fight. For unknown reasons, Cream stays silent if you achieve an A-Rank on a non-boss level with her in the PC version. It can be seen here at the 2:09 mark.

Fixed in the PS2, Xbox and GameCube versions.

Knuckles' intro line cut off

When a team is selected in Story or Challenge mode, all three characters in the team say a line. On the PC, Xbox, and PS2 versions, Knuckles' line is cut off when Team Sonic is selected.

Fixed in the GameCube version.

Miscellaneous bugs

PAL optimisation

To accommodate for the slower timings of 50Hz, PAL versions of Sonic Heroes optimise the game speed to make the game run at roughly the same speed as NTSC versions, which is achieved by skipping frames (such an optimisation technique was previously utilised by games like Sonic Adventure 2: Battle). However, although 60Hz mode is available, PAL optimisations are not disabled when playing in 60Hz. This results in the game running roughly 20% faster than NTSC versions when playing in 60Hz mode.

This issue is known to occur in the GameCube and PlayStation 2 versions.

Not fixed in any version.


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