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Hex Editors

Program Description Download
Hex Workshop The recommended hex editor. Has many handy features, and is generally used by most ROM hackers. It's shareware, but the smarter lot of you will find a way around that. None
XVI32 Freeware, simplistic hex editor with the basic needed features to do what you need. Supports wildcard value searching, which can come in handy. Download (info)

Assemblers/Disassemblers/Assembly Editors/Compilers

Program Description Download
SNASM68K Command-line assembler for the Motorola 68000 written by Cross Products. ASM68k is generally preferred. (Not compatible with 64-bit Operating Systems) Download (info)
ASM68k Command-line assembler for the Motorola 68000 written by Psy-Q. Used to make many official Mega Drive games. Download (info)
Sega Genesis C Compiler Allows for C code to be compiled and executed on the Sega Mega Drive. Download (info)
Esrael Neto Assembler Editor Motorola 68000 Editor written by Esrael. Download (info)
68kd Command-line 68000 disassembler. IDA Pro is generally preferred. Download (info)
IDA Pro Popular disassembler used in reverse engineering software. It works on code generated for a wide variety of processors, including the Motorola 68000 and Z80 processors used in the Mega Drive. None
ConTeXT Highlighter A Motorola 68000 syntax highlighter for the ConTeXT text editor. Written by Ambil. Download (info)
GEdit Highlighter A Motorola 68000 syntax highlighter for the GEdit text editor. Written by SegaLoco. Download (info)
Notepad++ user-defined languages A Motorola 68000 syntax highlighter and a Zilog Z80 syntax highlighter for the Notepad++ text editor. Written by FraGag. Download (info)


Program Description Download
The Sega Data Compressor A frontend for a batch of compression/decompression programs for the Nemesis (Art), Kosinski (Level Art/Mappings/etc), Enigma (Special Stages/etc), and Saxman (Music in Sonic 2 Final) compression formats. Download (info)
Sonic Data Compression Tool Alternative frontend to The Sega Data Compressor, with all four compression formats in one window. Download (info)
Nemesis MD Programs Primitive version of the above. A small feature worth noting though is the Nemesis art searcher, which allows you to search for Nemesis compressed data in other games that may use the compression format. Download (info)
Sega TSDC in command line form, now using the next generation portable KENS libraries. Download (info)
KENSSharp A cross-platform compressor/decompressor, written in C#. Similar in functionality to the Sonic Data Compression Tool. See page
MacENS A port of KENS to MacOS X. Download (32-Bit) (info)

Download (64-Bit) (info)

ROM File Editors

Program Description Download
Segatool DOS Utility that creates/applies IPS patches, fixes checksums and other miscellaneous ROM repair functions. Download (info)
StealthPatch Standard IPS patch creator/applicator. Recommended. Download (info)
ESE FixCheckSum Small utility to fix corrupt checksums in Mega Drive games. Download (info)
MD ROM Header Editor Editor for Mega Drive ROM headers. Download (info)
GG2MD Utility that converts Sega Game Gear ROMs for use on the Sega Mega Drive. Download (info)

Source Patching Utilities

Program Description Download
WinDiff Windows utility for comparing files and folders and making patches to them. (just like the UNIX "diff" command just with a GUI) Download (info)
WinMerge Windows utility for comparing files and folders and making patches to them. This one even applies DIFF patches as well. Recomended for Windows Download (info)
Diffutils A cross platform set of tools for making .diff/.patch patches, very useful with disassemblies. Contains a win32 port of the UNIX diff command. Place all the dependancies in the System32 folder for anything above Windows ME, and the System folder for anything Windows ME and below. Tool is very good for making patches, but it is recommended that you also download Patch if you want to apply them too. Recommended for Linux, Mac, BSD, etc. Download - Programs (Windows) (info)

Download - Dependancies (win32 only) (info)
Download - Programs (source) (info)

Patch A cross platform set of tools for applying .diff/.patch patches, very useful with disassemblies. Contains a win32 port of the UNIX patch command. Tool is very good for applying patches, but it is recommended that you also download Diffutils if you want to make them too. Recommended for Linux, Mac, BSD, etc. Download - Programs (Windows) (info)

Download - Programs (source) (info)

Multi-purpose Editors

Program Description Download
SonED The last version of the original SonED. SonED is a level art, level mappings, level layout, level palette, as well as other level aspects, editor. It is highly recommended to all beginners and experienced hackers alike, and will no doubt be one of the most useful tools you will ever need. Download (info)
SonED2 A newer, sleeker, more featured incarnation of SonED designed for editing split disassemblies of Sonic games via a unique "projects" system. Boasts a simplified art editor, as well as a new collision editor. If you learn to use this, it's definitely worth using over the original. Download (info)
Esrael Sonic Editor A multi-purpose utility that supports a wide variety of editable aspects - Special stages, level layout/art/mappings, title cards, level select names, palettes, etc. Being an earlier, discontinued version of the program, it supports some things ESEII does not. It's best to have both. Download (info)
Esrael Sonic Editor II Enhanced version of the above, with some extra features such as a level porter, and a better art editor -- even a built in hex editor with text support! Recommended. Download (info)
Chaos Level editor made by Brett Kosinski for Sonic 2. No longer supported. Download (info)
Chaotix CSE Edits character stats in Knuckles Chaotix. Download (info)
S.L.E.E.P. Primitive level editor for Sonic 2 savestates and the Sonic 2 ROM. No longer supported. Download (info)
ChaoSaX ROM hacking suite by Magus (formerly Chaos) and saxman. The entire suite is made up of multiple programs for modifying different aspects of Sonic ROMs. Its user-friendly GUI makes it very useful for beginning hackers. none
GerbilSoft ROM Hacking Studio Basic ROM editing utility by GerbilSoft which handles special stages, title cards, palettes, etc. Download (info)
Sonic HackingWiz Pro Older version of GerbilSoft ROM Hacking Studio. Capable of certain functions GSRHS is not. Download (info)
Sonic Tweaker Edits demos, water, text and palettes for Sonic 1, 2, 2b, 3K and Chaotix. Download (info)
Sonic Advance Editor Level editor and viewer for Sonic Advance. Download (info)
SADXTweaker Edits many different things in the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX. Download (info)
SADXLVL Attempts to be the SonED or Lunar Magic of SADX hacking. Can move level parts, edit SET files, and change various other level-related things. Download (info)
SonLVL An alternative to SonED2, for Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic & Knuckles Collection and Sonic CD for PC. Download Latest SVN Build

Graphics Editors

Program Description Download
Sonik Sprite Paint-esque uncompressed sprite editor for Sonic 1, Sonic 2 (beta/final), and Sonic 3. Supports assembled versions of all sprites, making art editing jobs easier for you. Also supports a scripting system, so you can add your own sprite entries if they aren't currently supported (for ANY game, by the way). Download (info)
Tile Layer Pro General uncompressed art editor for multiple platforms, including Genesis. Works by browsing the ROM and editing the art in 8x8 blocks, which can be put together via the Tile Arranger for easier editing. Essential for editing compressed art (after being decompressed, of course). Download (info)
TilEd Tile Layer Pro alternative with many of the same features. Download (info)
Fatilety Another Tile Layer Pro alternative. Download (info)
Tile Molester Another Tile Layer Pro alternative. Written in java. Download (info)
ChaoSaX-Pal A palette editor for Sonic 1-3K. Supports, copying/pasting palettes as well as easy editing. Recommended for beginners and experienced hackers alike due to usefulness. Download (info)
HivePal Another palette editor. Similar to ESE in appearance, but takes a more graphic approach to color matching and choosing. Also includes a palette browser, so you can easily find palettes in any ROM, and subsequentially edit them. Get at Sega Retro
PalEd Another palette editor for Sonic Sega Mega Drive ROMs. Download (info)
HBGDRGB2GBA32XCC Basic utility that converts RGB color values to the decimal format used by both the Sega 32X and the Game Boy Advance. Launch (info)
NineKolor Program that allows one to see the RGB values of each pixel in a specific image. It gives both decimal and hexadecimal values. Download (info)
PCXpal Utility that can load images, savestates and Paint Shop Pro palettes, then output as Tile Layer Pro, Paint Shop Pro or Mega Drive palette information. Get at Sega Retro
Palette Converter A small program to convert palettes Get at Sega Retro
Chaotix Art Editor Frontend for editing art in Knuckles' Chaotix. Download (info)
Gen-SMS DOS utility converting Genesis graphics to SMS format, so they can be edited with Tile Layer Pro. Download (info)
PalSwap Tool to swap around palette indexes in an uncompressed 8x8 tiles file. Download (info)
RotSprite Program that accurately rotates sprites at non-90 degree angles for use in games. Download (info)
Sonic Display Editor This program allows you to edit the on-screen display in Sonic 1 and Sonic 2. Download (info)
ImaGenesis Image to tile converter and manipulator. Works with a variety of formats. Get at Sega Retro
PlaneED An editor for Plane mappings. Download (info)
Align Sprite Utility that aligns a bitmap of a sprite up and blank out the empty tiles, making it suitable for importing to SonMapEd. Download (info)
SCDPCspr Edits sprites in Sonic CD PC. Download (info)
SCDPCscr Edits tiles in Sonic CD PC. Download (info)

Mappings Editors

Program Description Download
LOst Library Mappings editor for Sonic 1, 2, & 3K. Download (info)
Sonic Collision Viewer 16x16 collision block mappings viewer. Download (info)
Collsedit Collision editor for Sonic 2. Download (info)
SonMapEd Newer mappings editor for Sonic 1, 2, & 3K. Recommended. Download (info)

Sound Editors

Program Description Download
Sonic QX Music editor for Sonic 2 Beta. Boasts features such as a MIDI importer, voice editor, sample exporter, among other things. The documentation is of particular interest, as it contains a lot of useful info about the YM2612. Download (info)
Sonic One Music Editor (SOME) Basic music editor for Sonic 1. Supports voice editing as well as channel editor editing, and also includes a voice preview button, so you can hear your changes before you apply them. Very handy. Recommended. Download (info)
xm2smps Program created by nineko that converts songs from the XM (eXtended Module) format to the SMPS (Sample Music Playback System) format hence allowing hackers to easily put custom music in their hacks. Download (info)
xm3smps Graphical interface and update of xm2smps system. Download (info)
xm4smps XM to SMPS convertor by Puto. Exports raw ASM files. Recommended. Download Win32 (info)

Download Win64 (info)
Download Mac OS X (info)

S1SMPS2ASM Converts SMPS music files into raw ASM for more precise editing. Download (info)
GEMS Development kit for GEMS sound driver. Download (info)
ESEII Sound Importer Utility for porting songs between different Sonic Mega Drive games. Download (info)
Music Pointer Fixer Program that helps music porting between two Sonic games by fixing pointers from coordination flags. Download (info)
ahX2wav Mod Edit of ahx2wav that allows for voice files from Sonic Adventure 2 to be playable. Download (info)
SADXsndSharp Replaces sound effects in the PC version of Sonic Adventure DX Download (info)
SKCsnd Replaces sound effects in Sonic & Knuckles Collection. Download (info)
SCDPCsnd Replaces sound effects in the PC version of Sonic CD Download (info)
SKC-Midi Replaces MIDI music in Sonic & Knuckles Collection Download (info)

Miscellaneous Editors

Program Description Download
Diet Sprite Hex-based object position editor for Sonic 1. Download (info)
Sonic 1 Maze-o-matic Special stage editor for Sonic 1 savestates. Download (info)
STE Text editor for games in the Sonic series, along with others. Download (info)
Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator Generator for Sprite mappings in Sonic 1 for Title Cards and other text releated formats. Download (info)
Sonic 2 - Text Code Generator Sequel of Sonic 1 - Text Code Generator for Sonic 2 (Title Card support only). Download (info)
Sonic Extractor CD Mix A tool for viewing Zone layouts from Gens+ savestates of Sonic CD none
Sonic Extractor 3&K Mix A tool for viewing Zone layouts from Gens+ savestates of Sonic 3 and Sonic and Knuckles none
SETedit Allows you to edit object layouts (SET files) from the Dreamcast and PC versions of Sonic Adventure. Download (info)
Sonic 1 Level Order Parser A lightweight Python script to parse level order for Sonic 1. Download (info)
Blue Balls Special stage editor for Sonic 3 & Knuckles. Download (info)
Sonic 1 Special Stage Editor Special stage editor for Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit) Download (info)
Sonic 2 Special Stage Editor Special stage editor for Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit) Download (info)
SADXMDL Model editor for the Dreamcast and PC versions of Sonic Adventure. Download (info)
LevelConverter Converts levels between Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic & Knuckles Collection, and Sonic CD PC. Download
SCDPCSSEd Special Stage editor for the PC version of Sonic CD. Download (info)