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Sonic Generations
System(s): Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Sega
ROM size: 5241 blocks (EU)
Genre: Action
Number of players: 1-2
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Nintendo 3DS
2011-12-01[1] ¥4,980 (5,229)[1] CTR-P-ASNJ
Nintendo 3DS
2013-05-30[2] ¥2,571 (2,700)[3] ?
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-22[4] $? CTR-P-ASNE
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo 3DS
2013-09-05[5] $29.99[5] ?
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo 3DS
2013-09-12[6] €24.99 ?
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4] £? CTR-P-ASNP
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2013-09-12[7] £19.99 ?
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4] €? CTR-P-ASNP
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4] €? CTR-P-ASNP
USK: 6
Nintendo 3DS
2013-09-12[8] €24.99 ?
USK: 6
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4] €? CTR-P-ASNP
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4] €? CTR-P-ASNP
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-25[4]  ? CTR-P-ASNP
PEGI: 7+
Nintendo 3DS
2011 $? CTR-P-ASNE
ESRB: Everyone
Nintendo 3DS
2011-11-24 $? CTR-P-ASNP
OFLC: General (G)

Sonic Generations, known as Sonic Generations: Ao no Bouken (ソニック ジェネレーションズ 青の冒険) in Japan, is a Sonic the Hedgehog video game by Sonic Team and Dimps for the Nintendo 3DS. This version is different from its console brethren by having entirely different stages. Both titles exist to commemorate Sonic the Hedgehog's 20th Anniversary.

Sonic Generations allows players to control both the pre-Sonic Adventure and post-Adventure designs for Sonic the Hedgehog and features remastered levels from Sonic's previous adventures. The game is divided into three eras: the Classic Era (pre-1998), the Dreamcast Era (1998-2005), and the Modern Era (2005 onwards) - "Classic Sonic" and "Modern Sonic" playing through the levels from a 2D (or 2.5D) perspective, where the former plays akin to how he played in the original Genesis games while the latter tackles them similarly to how he did in Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure.

The game was first announced for the Nintendo 3DS in a Nintendo Power magazine, paired with a November 2011 release date for all platforms.


The gameplay is split into two separate gameplay styles, separated by the character used.

The Classic gameplay style is strictly 2.5D. Sonic controls more like his Sega Mega Drive counterpart, using Spin Dashes and the Spin Attack to hit enemies, with the Homing Attack being unlocked after beating all the levels in the Classic era.

The Modern gameplay style is also 2.5D, however it is more similar to the portable titles Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure and Sonic Colours. He uses moves like the Sonic Boost and the Homing Attack to hit enemies. He will unlock the Stomp ability after beating all the levels in the Dreamcast era.

Versus Mode

This version of Sonic Generations features a Versus Mode where two players can compete in a race over local wireless communications or the internet. The single objective is to simply reach the Signpost or Goal Ring before the other player does. Unlike other competitive race modes in other Sonic games, players cannot interact with each other in any way. Instead, black holes are littered all over the levels, trapping any players who run into them. If a player gets trapped in a black hole, they must repeatedly press the B button to escape.

The game keeps track of the player's win/loss records and assigns a rating; the highest possible rating being 9,999 points. If the player plays Versus Mode over the internet once per day, they will receive a bonus item for use in the main story, such as a Shield or the exclusive Explosion power-up. If the player already has a bonus item in reserve, they will receive an extra life instead.


Instead of Challenge Acts from the console/PC versions, the Nintendo 3DS version has unlockable missions in which the player must complete different objectives. There are a total of 100 missions in the game, and the mission types are as follows:

  • Die-Hard: Clear an Act within a time limit without losing a life.
  • Perfection: Clear an Act within a time limit without taking damage.
  • Ring Collector: Collect a certain number of Rings within a time limit.
  • Keep the Pace: Collect Time Items and clear an Act in time.
  • Rampage!: Defeat a certain number of enemies within a time limit.
  • Stealth Attack: Clear an Act within a time limit without defeating enemies.
  • Item Collector: Break a certain number of Item Boxes within a time limit.
  • Special Trial: Complete a miscellaneous objective within a time limit.
  • Sphere Collector: Collect a certain number of spheres in a Special Stage in 1 minute.
  • 1-Ring Boss: Defeat a boss within a time limit with only one Ring.
  • Boss Showdown: Defeat a boss within a time limit.

The player can receive new missions from other players via StreetPass, though the player may choose to spend Play Coins (earned by walking with the 3DS system in Sleep Mode) to unlock a mission immediately. Clearing missions will unlock new content in the Collection menu, which can include music, artwork and 3D character models; though the player also has the option to skip the mission and unlock its reward by spending Play Coins. Each mission will save the player's clear time, which can be shared with other players via StreetPass. Missions cannot be unlocked if the player hasn't progressed far enough in the story.

3DS differences

  • The 3DS version of Modern gameplay is more in line with Sonic Rush/Rush Adventure/Colours DS with Boosting and Homing Attacks kept on the 2D plane. The camera however can show Sonic at all angles compared to previous portable titles.
  • The levels and the bosses in the 3DS version are NOT the same as its console counterparts.
  • Some dialogs and scenes are slightly different, with only Sonic and Tails being present at the beginning of the game. The game also uses the Sonic Rush style of cutscenes.
  • As shown in gameplay of Green Hill Zone, the game has the exact same level design for the Classic Era levels versus original layouts.
  • The signpost for the "classic" Sonic levels display the face of "modern" Dr. Eggman, and lacks the animation for the Sonic image it has on the console version.

Homages to past games

Each level and boss in Sonic Generations 3DS is reminiscent of one previously appearing in the Sonic series.

Sonic Generations Original Game
Green Hill Green Hill Zone Sonic the Hedgehog
Casino Night Casino Night Zone Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Mushroom Hill Mushroom Hill Zone Sonic & Knuckles
Emerald Coast Emerald Coast Sonic Adventure
Radical Highway Radical Highway Sonic Adventure 2
Water Palace Water Palace Sonic Rush
Tropical Resort Tropical Resort Sonic Colours (Nintendo DS)
Metal Sonic Metal Sonic boss Sonic CD
Big Arm Big Arm Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic Adventure 2
Biolizard Biolizard Sonic Adventure 2
Silver the Hedgehog Silver the Hedgehog Sonic 2006
Egg Emperor Egg Emperor Sonic Heroes


Two revisions of the retail version are known to exist:

  • Rev.00: Includes 3DS System Update 2.1.0. Does not have an electronic manual.
  • Rev.01: Includes 3DS System Update 5.1.0. Has an electronic manual.

Both revisions include a printed manual. The eShop version always included an electronic manual.

No actual gameplay differences are known to exist between the two revisions.

Localised names

Also known as
Language Localised Name English Translation
English Sonic Generations Sonic Generations
Japanese ソニック ジェネレーションズ 青の冒険 Sonic Generations: Ao no Bouken

Production credits

In Cooperation with Dimps - Digital Innovation
  • Producer: Hiroyuki Kawano
  • Line Manager: Hideaki Hamachi
  • Game Design Supervisor: Yukihiro Higashi
  • Lead Game Designer: Yuka Kobayashi
  • Game Designers: Kohei Iwamoto, Mitsuo Matsuyama, Koichiro Kanzo, Seiji Hirai, Sakie Nakato, Ryota Osaki, Kentaro Kiyohara, Isao Yamasaki, Yasutomo Suzuki
  • Technical Manager: Masahisa Naganuma
  • Product Engineering Manager: Katsuya Kuramoto
  • Lead Programmer: Takashi Yamatani
  • Programmers: Masayuki Takahara, Satoshi Akitomi, Masato Nakahashi, Kohei Yamaguchi, Hidehiro Bushisue, Masatoshi Nakane, Ryohei Sasaki, Atsuhiro Yasuda, Takashi Miyahara, Takeshi Sasaki, Kenta Saito, Shiro Mikata, Takeshi Takeuchi, Wataru Yoshinaga, Shinya Ueno
  • Art Manager: Kazuhiko Yamamoto
  • Lead Artist: Nobuyuki Kuroki
  • Artists: Maki Fukunaga, Kaori Aoyama, Kinue Murayama, Yoko Omezawa, Yumi Okamura, Hiroko Kiyosawa, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Yuuki Hayashi,Hiroshi Tanigawa, Miho Sakamoto, Masaki Satomura, Yoko Uchida, Akari Yamamoto, Anna Hashimoto, Kana Hashimoto, Hiroshi Himeno
  • Sound Support: Hiroyasu Oshima
  • Special Thanks: Kenji Ayukawa, Ayano Komatsu, Ayako Kurita, Koji Okugawa, Kazuhiro Gotani, Atsushi Ariyama, Takashi Kasal
  • Remix Artists & Composers: Naofumi Hataya, Tomoya Ohtani, Circuit Freq., Cash Cash, Richard Jacques Studios, Yutaka Minobe (delfi Sound inc.), Yasufumi Fukuda
  • Musicians: Takeshi Taneda, Toru Kawamura, Katsuji, Masayuki Osada, Yusuku Tsuchiya, Taka Kawashima, Tommy Mandel, Tony Kadleck, Charles Pillow, Ryan Keberie, Susumu Nishikawa, Akinori Yamada, Masuo
  • Recording Engineers: Masahiro Fukuhara, Dave Darlington, Yoshitada Miya, Yukifumi Makino (delfi Sound inc.)
  • Recording Coordinators: Kiyoshi Yoshida (Attic Arcade inc.), Atsushi "Sushi" Kosugi (Beat On Beat inc.), Kazuyuji Doki (Re-Birth)
  • Mastering Engineer: Kazushi Kyogoku
  • Sound Designer: Tatsuya Kozaki
  • Writers (Story And Script): Ken Pontac, Warren Graff
  • Japanese Character Voices: Jun'ichi Kanemaru, Ryo Hirohashi, Kouji Yusa, Daisuke Ono, Takuto Yoshinaga, Chikao Otsuka
  • Recording Producer: Takuya Ohno, Norifumi Yamada (TOHOKUSHINSHA)
  • Recording Directors: Eriko Kimura, Keiichirou Miyoshi (TOHOKUSHINSHA)
  • Recording: OMNIBUS JAPAN inc.
  • English Character Voices: Roger Craig Smith, Kate Higgins, Mike Pollock, Kirk Thornton, Derek Allen
  • Voice Production: Studiopolis Inc.
  • Voice Director: Jack Fletcher
  • Casting Directors: Jack Fletcher, Joe Moeller, Jamie Simone
  • Recording Engineers: Suzanne Goldish, Eric Lewis, David Barr
  • Recording Assistant: Heather Pennington
  • Dialogued Editors: Suzanne Goldish, Eric Lewis, Elliot Anders
  • Production Assistants: Sean Kelley, James Lafferty, Chris Eaton
  • Production Accountant: Laura Lopez
  • Line Producer: Joe Moeller
  • French Character Voices: Alexandre Gillet, Marc Bretonnière, Marie-Eugénie Maréchal, Benoît Du Pac, Hérvé Grull
  • Voice Director: Antoine Nouel
  • Sound Engineers: Raphaël Monier, Camille Méens
  • Project Managers: Claire Astorg, Marjorie Nivard
  • Artistic Manager: Nathalie Sionneau
  • Audio Manager: Raphaël Monier
  • Localization Manager: Cécile Irlinger
  • Italian Character Voices: Renato Novara, Aldo Stella, Benedetta Ponticelli, Riccardo Lombardo, Davide Albano
  • Artistic Director: Emanuela Ghinoni
  • Sound Engingeer: Christopher Blake
  • German Character Voices: Marc Stachel, Hartmut Neugebauer, Anke Kortemeier, Klaus Lochtove, Roland Wolf
  • Sound Engingeer: Ilja Köster
  • Side Voice Director: Michael Hülsmann
  • Side Project Manager: Olivier Deslandes
  • Spanish Character Voices: Jonathan López, Francesc Belda, Graciela Molina, Manel Gimeno, Angel De Gracia
  • Sound Engingeer: Carmelo Hurtado
  • Side Voice Director: Guillermo Reinlein
  • Side Project Manager: Oliver Deslandes
Sega Corporation(Sega of Japan, Inc.)
  • Localzation Manager: Shumpei Hashimoto
  • Sales: Imatsu Haruo, Lino Kouichi
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Sega of America, Inc.
  • CEO: Mike Hayes
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  • Senior Web Producer: Shawn Storc
  • Lead Flash Devleoper: Michael Dobbins
  • Senior Web Designer: Annie Shaw
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Sega Europe, Ltd.
  • CEO: Mike Hayes
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Sega Technical Support Team In Sega Europe Ltd.
  • Techincal Director: Chris Southall
  • Head Of Game Design: Simon Woddroffe
Sega Spain
  • Marekting Director: Izaskun Urretabizaia
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Sega France
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Sega Germany
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Sega Benelux
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Sega UK
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Sega International
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Sega Australia
  • Marekting Director: Gareth Gower
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  • Special Thanks: Shinobu Yokota, Hiroshi Miyamoto, Kazuyuki Hoshino, Keiichi Noda, Kentaro Fujita, Katsuyuki Shiihara, Tatsuya Shikata, Nobuyuki Minato, Emi Yamane, Ryo Urushibata, Ai Sato, Maki Goda, Nori Matsumura, Scott Durday, Laurie Bella, Hiroki Hayashi (ESP Guitars), Yuichi Sugata (ESP Guitars), Hitoshi Ezura (Hitokuchizaka Studio), Fumitaka Shibata (Wave Master Inc.), Shigeharu Isoda (Wave Master Inc.), Kazuo Koizumi (Wave Master Inc.), Zebrahead, Bowling For Soup, Target Entertainement, Inbound
  • Presented By: Sega
Source: In-game credits


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