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v1.41 [2023/12/06]

The Final Horizon fixes[1]

Update 1.41 for Sonic Frontiers is now available. We have adjusted the difficulty of The Final Horizon and addressed several bugs.

Make sure to update your game for a smoother and improved experience.

  • Free Content Update 3: The Final Horizon - Patch Notes
    • Made Balance Adjustments to Easy Mode
    • The following changes have been made to Easy mode:
      • Trial Towers: New level designs have been added.
      • Towers of the Master: The default difficulty and Sonic's attack level have been adjusted.
      • Master King Koco's Trial: Your maximum Ring capacity and the health of each Titan have been adjusted.
    • Made changes to some of the controls for Amy, Knuckles and Tails.
      • The parry window for perfect parries was adjusted to be more forgiving.
        • *The window will be extended even further when playing on Easy.
      • Knuckles' maneuverability during gliding has significantly increased.
    • Adjusted the stats of some special moves for Amy, Knuckles, and Tails after leveling them up
      • The attack and defense of certain special moves for Amy, Knuckles, and Tails after they level up have been increased.
    • Made it Easier to Retry After a Game Over
      • The pink panels in the Trial Towers will respawn after a certain amount of time has passed and you are a certain distance away.
      • If you make a mistake before a Cyber Space checkpoint and you have to restart from the beginning, the timer will now reset so you don't need to manually restart.
        • *Excluding Cyber Space Challenge
  • Various bug fixes, including the issue where audio would not play during sub-events, have also been addressed.

v1.40 [2023/09/28]

The Final Horizon Update[2]

  • New story – Head back to Ouranos Island and play through additional stories.
  • New Playable Characters – Play as Tails, Amy, or Knuckles, each with their own unique powers and abilities!
  • New challenges, collectibles, and more!
  • Additional bug fixes and quality of life adjustments.

v1.30 [2023/06/23]

Sonic’s Birthday Bash Update[3]

  • Birthday Celebration – The Starfall Islands have been decked out to celebrate Sonic’s birthday! Check out the decorations and party with a new costume for Sonic’s big day!
  • Action Chain Challenge – new challenges have been added to the Open Zones. Aim for the high score!
  • New Skill: Spin Dash – The legendary Sonic move returns! Unlock the Spin Dash and discover new ways to traverse the Starfall Islands.
  • New Koco – There’s new kinds of Koco waiting to be found on the Starfall Islands. Keep an eye out for their fun outfits!
  • New Game + - Relive the story of Sonic Frontiers with all your stats and skills carried over from your previous playthrough.

This update also includes additional changes to improve your experience while exploring the Starfall Islands.

  • Added a function to display percent completion for each island – available on the transition screen between islands, island selection screen, and island clear screen.
  • Added new Frontier Elite costume.
  • Added an ability to change the rate of deceleration when jumping.
  • Added a "NEW" icon that will be displayed when extra content is newly added.
  • Added an ability to turn on/off the "BGM change" function in Cyber Space.
  • The tower difficulty on Rhea Island has been reduced for Easy mode.
  • When the following time-saving actions are used in Cyber Space, colored marks will now appear in the results:
    • Homing Dash: White
    • Spin Dash: Red
    • Change in deceleration rate when jumping: Yellow
    • Cyber Space Power Boost: Blue
  • Added a feature to reset clear time and rank in Arcade mode, Cyber Space, Battle Rush, etc.
  • Added an ON/OFF option to set whether the camera will use dramatic angles when skills are used.
  • Added an option to set the deceleration rate to reach a complete stop.
  • Added an ON/OFF option to set whether to maintain a boost during a jump.
  • Added 24 songs to the Juke Box. Added Sound Memories on each island.
  • Additional bug fixes.

v1.20 [2023/03/22]

Sights, Sounds, and Speed Update[4]

  • Photo Mode - Frame up, edit, and capture your favorite moments in Photo Mode! Capture Sonic in action across a variety of landscapes and create the perfect photo. You can also choose between seven filters to add some flare to your photos.
  • Juke Box - Play your favorite tracks while exploring the Starfall Islands, which include tracks from Sonic Frontiers and past Sonic games! You can listen to any of the 53 songs anywhere in the open zones - 13 of which are instantly unlocked and playable as soon as the game is updated. Unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting Sound Memories across the five islands. Keep an eye out for orange music notes! (Please Note the Juke Box feature may be inacecssible during certain parts of the game.)
  • New Challenge Modes - After finishing the campaign, test your skills with new challenge modes:
    • Cyber Space Challenge Mode - Race through seven Cyber Space Stages back-to-back in this time-attack mode while competing against the clock!
    • Battle Rush Mode - Battle through several rounds against increasingly tough enemies, guardians, and Titans in this timed battle mode! Aim for the fastest clear time with your levelled-up Sonic. If you achieve a higher rank, you may get a special surprise

This update also includes additional changes to improve your experience while exploring the Starfall Islands.

  • The Power Boost animation can be toggled in the Options menu.
  • The Starfall Slot Machine can be toggled in the Options menu.
  • Cyber Space levels can be restarted mid-level.
  • When upgrading Sonic, multiple Koco can now be exchanged at once with the Elder and Hermit Koco.

v1.11 [2022/12/21]

Holiday DLC release:[5]

  • Added Holiday Cheer Suit DLC.[6]

v1.10 [2022/11/29]

Official patch notes:[7]

  • Fixed random crashing bugs.
  • Addressed audio related issues.
  • Added UI improvements.
  • Added gameplay optimizations.
  • Added stability and performance improvements.
  • Other minor fixes.

From Sonic Twitter:[8]

  • Fixed an issue where Xbox Series S owners were not able to select Performance mode to prioritize framerate.
  • Fixed an issue where the Kronos Island Titan boss would disappear after reattempting the fight.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Chaos Island icons was showing as locked even after completion.

User-contributed notes:

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in flickering during the day/night cycle on certain GPUs. (Mainly affected AMD GPUs on Linux, e.g. Steam Deck.)

v1.00 [2022/11/08]

  • Initial release.


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