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[[Category:Magazine articles]]
[[Category:Magazine articles]]

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The following is a list of magazine articles for Sonic Drift 2.

File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic Drift 2"
Half-page review of the game. The reviewer describes it as a big improvement over the first Sonic Drift, and overall good for a handheld game.
Logo-pdf.svg "Game Gear Review: Sonic Drift 2"
Two-page review of the game, mentioning the roster of characters, manual and automatic transmission, and the wide selection of tracks. The game is received positively, with the writers describing it as enjoyable and good value for money, as well as a good reason to buy a link cable for two-player mode. They give it a high score of 92%.
SegaMagazin DE 19.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic Drift Racing"
Logo-pdf.svg "Game Gear Test: Sonic Drift"
From the German edition of GamePro.
Logo-pdf.svg "Reviews: Sonic Drift Racing 2"

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