Sonic Boom (hack)

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Sonic Boom
Version: Unreleased
System: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Original game: [[]]
Credits: snkenjoi, iojnekns, SÆGA

Sonic Boom is a total modification of Sonic 2, created by snkenjoi and iojnekns, along with a wide array of talented contributors. As of the Seventh Annual Hacking Contest this collective is referred to as SÆGA. The hack is not currently available to the public.


Sixth Annual Hacking Contest


  • Genocide City Trophy (Hardest level)
  • Lava Reef Trophy (Longest level)
  • Labyrinth Trophy (Most confusing level)

Runner Up

  • Spindash Trophy (Best new ability)

Seventh Annual Hacking Contest


  • Hidden Palace Trophy (Grand Prize)
  • 1000101 Trophy (Technical Achievement)
  • Piano Trophy (Best music)
  • Metropolis Trophy (Best custom boss)
  • Mushroom Hill Trophy (Best custom mini-boss)
  • The Bar Admin Trophy (Most improved hack)
  • Sonic Boom Trophy (Best cut-scene)

Runner Up

  • Eureka! Trophy (Most innovative gameplay feature)