Sonic Boom (hack)

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Sonic Boom
Version: Unreleased
System: Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Original game: [[]]
Credits: snkenjoi, iojnekns, SÆGA
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Sonic Boom is a total conversion modification of Sonic 2, mainly created by snkenjoi and iojnekns, along with a wide array of talented contributors who voluntarily send them gifts as a testament to their immense greatness called SÆGA.


Sixth Annual Hacking Contest


  • Genocide City Trophy (Hardest level)
  • Lava Reef Trophy (Longest level)
  • Labyrinth Trophy (Most confusing level)

Runner Up

  • Spindash Trophy (Best new ability)

Seventh Annual Hacking Contest


  • Hidden Palace Trophy (Grand Prize)
  • 1000101 Trophy (Technical Achievement)
  • Piano Trophy (Best music)
  • Metropolis Trophy (Best custom boss)
  • Mushroom Hill Trophy (Best custom mini-boss)
  • The Bar Admin Trophy (Most improved hack)
  • Sonic Boom Trophy (Best cut-scene)

Runner Up

  • Eureka! Trophy (Most innovative gameplay feature)