Sonic Boom (fan game)

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Sonic Boom
Latest release date: 1995, 1996
Engine: Klik & Play
Credits: Martin Braid, Magnus Andersson, Ian Klukan

Sonic Boom was the first Klik & Play Sonic fan game to hit the internet. It was created by Martin Braid in 1995. The initial release had a virus, so it was taken down temporarily. It was re-released in 1996 by Magnus Andersson.

Due to the open-sourced nature of Klik and Play, Sonic Boom later re-appeared in saxman's Sonic Klik & Play Collection along with demos of Sonic PC and Tails and the Quest of 100 Rings. It was also re-released as Rotor Boom by Ian Klukan, the Archie character Rotor Walrus replacing Sonic.



Download Sonic Boom (fan game)
Multiple downloads available

Sonic Boom (490 kB) (info)
Rotor Boom (460 kB) (info)