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Sonic Boom (TV series)
Creator: OuiDo! Productions, Sega
Country of origin: USA, France
First aired: 8th November 2014
Last aired: Still airing

Sonic Boom is an American and French 3D animation series created by OuiDo! Productions. First aired on 8th of November 2014, the show started with positive feedback however the later episodes gained negative feedback from fans. Sonic Boom features characters such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles, Amy Rose and the show's new character Sticks. The show takes a comedy approach similar to Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (not as wacky as AoStH though). It is meant to be a show unrelated to the main Sonic video games, making it not canon. There were two games based upon the TV show, Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal for the 3DS and Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric for the Wii U.


Episodes are listed here by US airdates. French airdates put the episodes in a slightly different order, and the corresponding episode numbers are listed in brackets.

Episode # Episode Title Original Airdate
1 (1) "The Sidekick"
FR: Le Coéquipier (The Teammate)
US: 2014-11-08
FR: 2014-11-19
In order to keep Tails out of harm's way, Sonic fires him and auditions for a new sidekick.
2 (2) "Can an Evil Genius Crash on Your Couch for a Few Weeks?"
FR: Mon coloc est une génie du mal (My Roommate is an Evil Genius)
US: 2014-11-08
FR: 2014-11-19
Dr. Eggman moves in with Sonic and Tails while his fortress is repaired.
3 (4) "Translate This"
FR: Traduis-moi! (Translate This!)
US: 2014-11-15
FR: 2014-11-19
Tails builds a robot that vocalises everyone's thoughts, leading to friction between the group.
4 (5) "Buster (episode)"
FR: Sidney le déchet (Sidney the Waste)
US: 2014-11-15
FR: 2014-11-22
Sticks is accused of being unkind to animals, so she gets a pet robot named Buster.
5 (3) "My Fair Sticksy"
FR: Madame Sticks (Madame Sticks)
US: 2014-11-22
FR: 2014-11-19
Sticks is invited to a formal occasion, and must learn how to behave with etiquette.
6 (6) "Fortress of Squalitude"
FR: Décoration de l'extrême (Extreme Decoration)
US: 2014-11-22
FR: 2014-11-22
Dr. Eggman enlists Amy to help him get his lair on the front cover of a magazine.
7 (7) "Double Doomsday"
FR: Un stagiaire pour l'apocalypse (An Intern for the Apocalypse)
US: 2014-11-29
FR: 2014-12-10
Dr. Eggman takes on an unpaid intern, Dave, who activates a doomsday device.
8 (8) "Eggheads"
FR: Moustaches Party (Moustache Party)
US: 2014-12-06
FR: 2014-12-10
Dr. Eggman anonymously gives Sonic cookies intended to turn him evil, but Sonic's friends eat them instead.
9 (9) "Guilt Tripping"
FR: Voyage au bout de la culpabilité (Journey to the End of Guilt)
US: 2015-01-17
FR: 2014-12-17
After Sonic and Tails save a village from bandits, the villagers constantly guilt-trip them into staying.
10 (10) "Dude, Where's My Eggman?"
FR: Hé, il est passé où mon Eggman? (Hey, Where's My Eggman)
US: 2015-01-24
FR: 2014-12-17
11 (12) "Cow Bot"
FR: La vache fofolle (The Crazy Cow)
US: 2015-01-31
FR: 2014-12-24
12 (11) "Circus of Plunders"
FR: C'est quoi ce cirque? (What is This Circus?)
US: 2015-02-07
FR: 2014-12-24
13 (13) "Unlucky Knuckles"
FR: Knuckles de la poisse (Knuckles' Bad Luck)
US: 2015-02-14
FR: 2015-01-14
14 (15) "The Meteor"
FR: L'échange (The Exchange)
US: 2015-02-21
FR: 2015-01-21
15 (14) "Aim Low"
FR: Coaching perdant (Coaching Loser)
US: 2015-02-28
FR: 2015-01-14
16 (16) "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying"
FR: Devenir un génie du mal en 10 leçons (Become an Evil Genius in 10 Lessons)
US: 2015-03-07
FR: 2015-01-21
17 (17) "Don't Judge Me"
FR: Ne me jugez pas (Don't Judge Me)
US: 2015-03-14
FR: 2015-02-11
18 (18) "Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce"
FR: La sauce tomate du Dr Eggman (Dr. Eggman's Tomato Sauce)
US: 2015-03-21
FR: 2015-02-11
19 (19) "Sole Power"
FR: Semelles d'enfer (Hell Soles)
US: 2015-03-28
FR: 2015-02-18
20 (20) "Hedgehog Day"
FR: Un jour sans fin (A Day Without End)
US: 2015-04-04
FR: 2015-02-18
21 (21) "Sleeping Giant"
FR: La berceuse (The Lullaby)
US: 2015-04-11
FR: 2015-03-11
22 (22) "The Curse of Buddy Buddy Temple"
FR: La malédiction du temple des Po-Potes (The Curse of Bu-Buddy Temple)
US: 2015-04-18
FR: 2015-03-11
23 (23) "Let's Play Musical Friends"
FR: Nominatus (Latin: Named)
US: 2015-04-25
FR: 2015-04-01
24 (24) "Late Fees"
FR: Pénalités de retard (Late Penalties)
US: 2015-05-02
FR: 2015-04-01
25 (25) "Into the Wilderness"
FR: Dans la nature (In Nature)
US: 2015-05-09
FR: 2015-04-01
26 (26) "Eggman Unplugged"
FR: Eggman débranche tout (Eggman Disconnects All)
US: 2015-05-16
FR: 2015-04-08