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This page lists all the missions in Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut.

No. Description Character Card location Objective
1 Bring the man who is standing in front of the hamburger shop! Sonic Station Square - Station entrance. Station Square - Pick up the burger shop statue and bring it to the marker in front of the station.
2 Get the balloon in the skies of Mystic Ruins! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Top of the train station stairs. Mystic Ruins - A Homing Attack chain of Spinners will appear near the lake. Attack them all to pop the balloon.
3 Collect 100 rings, and go to Sonic's billboard by the pool! Sonic Station Square - Hotel pool. Station Square - Collect 100 Rings within the Adventure Field (clearing an Action Stage will reset the Ring count to zero), then approach the Sonic X sign by the pool.
4 Weeds are growing all over my place! I must get rid of them! Tails Mystic Ruins - Train station platform. Mystic Ruins - There are weeds growing all around Tails' Workshop. Use the Tails Attack to cut all 51 weeds.
5 I lost my balloon! It's way up there now! Knuckles Station Square - By the stairs in the casino area. Station Square - Climb up to the Chao in Space sign from where the mission starts and glide towards the balloon.
6 He is going to drown! Help the man in the water! Amy Mystic Ruins - Cabin near lake. Mystic Ruins - Pick up the burger shop statue from the lake and place it in front of the cabin.
7 Lonely Metal Sonic needs a friend. Look carefully. Gamma Mystic Ruins - Minecart leading to the jungle area. Mystic Ruins - In the Final Egg entrance, pick up the burger shop statue from the lower floor and place it in front of Metal Sonic's tube.
8 The medallion fell under there! No illegal parking please! Big Station Square - Traffic island outside the station. Station Square - Collect the medallion in the sewers.
9 Get the balloon floating behind the waterfall of the emerald sea. Sonic Station Square - Behind the Twinkle Park entrance elevator. Emerald Coast - In the second area, use the Homing Attack on the eight Spinners by the waterfall over the cliff to pop the balloon.
10 What is that sparkling in the water? Tails Station Square - In front of the hotel restaurant elevator. Station Square - Collect the medallion behind the Station Square Garden's fountain.
11 Destroy the windmill and proceed. Find the balloon in orbit! Sonic Mystic Ruins - In the lake, where the water exits. Windy Valley - To the left at the beginning will be a Leon, 10 Rings and a line of small islands that must be hit with the Homing Attack to lead to a balloon.
12 Who is Chao good friends with? And what is hidden underneath it? Knuckles Mystic Ruins - At the plateau where the Egg Hornet was fought. Mystic Ruins - Five signs will appear where the mission begins. Dig in front of the sign of Cream and Cheese to find a medallion.
13 I can't take a shower like this! Do something! Sonic Station Square - In the corner of the street in the casino area. Casinopolis - Destroy all the Spinners in the showers.
14 I am the keeper of this hotel! Catch me if you can! Big Station Square - Between the station entrance and underground parking lot. Station Square - Catch the mechanical fish in the hotel's pool.
15 My medallions got swept away by the tornado! Somebody help me get them back! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Next to the station at the cliff edge behind the safety barrier. Windy Valley - Collect 5 medallions in the tornado.
16 Get the flags from the floating islands! Tails Mystic Ruins - The cliff edge between Tails' Workshop and the caves. Windy Valley - Collect all 8 flags from the long thin landmarks over the grated paths.
17 Aim and shoot all the medallions with a Sonic Ball. Sonic Station Square - Inside the antique shop. Casinopolis - Collect 5 medallions on the Sonic pinball table.
18 During night, at the amusement park, place your jumps on the top of one of the tables. Amy Station Square - Behind the right desk in the train station. Twinkle Park - Hammer Jump to a platform in the pool to bounce off a spring and pop the balloon.
19 What is that behind the mirror? Amy Station Square - Near the newsstand. Twinkle Park - Pop the invisible balloon that's reflected in the mirror
20 Get all the medallions within the time limit! It's really slippery, so be careful! Sonic Mystic Ruins - At the bottom of the pool in the ice cave. Ice Cap - In the Limestone Cave, press the button to start the timer, then collect all 13 medallions within 1 minute.
21 Protect the Sonic doll from the Spinners surrounding it! Gamma Mystic Ruins - In the jungle next to the bridge leading to Final Egg. Final Egg - Instead of destroying the Sonic doll, shoot the Spinners surrounding it.
22 Find the flag hidden in the secret passage under the emerald ocean! Big Station Square - Next to the two buttons in the hotel's lobby. Emerald Coast - Collect the flag inside the secret cave.
23 Go around the wooden horse and collect 10 balloons! Sonic Station Square - In the Twinkle Park/Twinkle Circuit lobby. Twinkle Park - Pop 10 balloons in the carousel at Pleasure Castle.
24 'I hate this dark and filthy place!' Can you find it? Tails Station Square - In the casino area's alley where the Ice Stone is normally found. Casinopolis - Fly up to the ventilation systems at the beginning to find a sign of Cream and Cheese.
25 What is hidden under the lion's right hand? Knuckles Station Square - On the pillars to the right of city hall. Casinopolis - Collect the flag under the right paw of the animatronic lion on the second floor.
26 What is that on top of the ship's mast that the pirates are protecting? Knuckles Station Square - On the pillars to the left of city hall. Casinopolis - Collect the flag in the crow's nest aboard the pirate ship on the second floor.
27 Collect 100 rings and head to the heliport! Sonic Station Square - Inside the burger shop. Speed Highway - Stand in the marker under the helicopter with 100 Rings.
28 During the morning traffic, use the fountain to get the balloon. Sonic Station Square - In the corner on top of the hotel entrance. Speed Highway - In the "At Dawn" section, use the fountain to reach the spring to get the balloon over the bell tower.
29 I am the keeper of this canal! Catch me if you can! Big Station Square - In the garden of city hall, opposite of the egg-shaped rock. Station Square - Catch the mechanical fish in the canal behind the Twinkle Park elevator.
30 A fugitive has escaped from the jail of burning hell! Find the fugitive! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Between the silver and gold pedestals at Lost World's back entrance. Red Mountain - Inside the volcano when the lava rises, find and destroy a chain of Spinners to a secluded platform where the fugitive stands.
31 Get the balloon as you float in the air along with the trash! Tails Station Square - On top of the clock in the train station. Casinopolis - Pop the balloon in the ceiling of the big fan room.
32 Can you get the balloon that is hidden under the bridge? Knuckles Mystic Ruins - On the bridge leading to the altar on Angel Island. Mystic Ruins - Jump underneath the bridge where the mission begins and glide to the balloon surrounded by three Electro Spinners and four springs.
33 Shoot yourself out of the cannon and get the balloon! Sonic Egg Carrier - Swimming pool. Egg Carrier - When leaving the pool room, take the cannon to the right on the starboard to reach the balloon.
34 Can you get the balloon that is hidden on the ship's bridge? Sonic Egg Carrier - Port side bridge from the engine room. Egg Carrier - A spring will spawn nearby. Charge a Light Speed Dash, then bounce off the spring and dash along the line of Rings to reach the balloon.
35 I am the keeper of this icy lake! Catch me if you can! Big Mystic Ruins - Behind the mound of dirt where the Monkey Destruction Switch is buried in the caves leading to the Mystic Ruins Garden. Mystic Ruins - Catch the mechanical fish in the pool of the ice cave.
36 Fighter aircraft are flying everywhere. Somebody get me out of here! Sonic Egg Carrier - Above the entrance to Hot Shelter. Sky Deck - Pick up the burger shop statue at the beginning of the second area and bring it to the marker before the second Checkpoint.
37 Fly over the jungle, and get all the balloons! Tails Mystic Ruins - By the minecart when entering the jungle area. Mystic Ruins - Pop all five balloons floating over the jungle.
38 A message from an ancient people: In the direction where the burning arrow is pointing, you will see... Knuckles Mystic Ruins - On the cliff ledge above Big's house. Lost World - In the room with the small building and Gola, the burning arrows being fired from the walls are constantly crossing in mid-way. Dig here for a hidden medallion.
39 Treasure hunt at the beach! Find all the medallions under a time limit! Gamma Station Square - In the room where the Crystal Ring is normally found. Emerald Coast - Shoot the button on the straw-thatch roof to start the timer, then collect all five medallions within 45 seconds.
40 What is hidden in the area that the giant snake is staring at? Sonic Mystic Ruins - Inside Tails' Workshop. Lost World - In the water chamber, charge the Light Speed Dash and ride the snake up to the line of Rings leading to a spring and the balloon.
41 Look real carefully just as you fall from the waterfall! Sonic Mystic Ruins - In front of the entrance to Lost World. Lost World - Hang to the right when sliding down the rapid river to reach the balloon on the right side of the waterfall.
42 I can't get into the bathroom. How could I've let something like this happen to me? Gamma Egg Carrier - In the prison, opposite of Amy's cell. Hot Shelter - After leaving the lift, destroy the metal containers and Badniks.
43 Fortress of steel. High Jump on 3 narrow paths. Be careful not to fall. Amy Egg Carrier - Inside the cell near the prison exit. Hot Shelter - At the second power cube puzzle, walk along the metal beams above the puzzle and use the Hammer Jump to reach a mid-air spring that leads to a balloon.
44 I am the keeper of this ship! Catch me if you can! Big Egg Carrier - At the port side stern of the ship. Egg Carrier - Catch the mechanical fish in the swimming pool.
45 Go to a place where the rings are laid in the shape of Sonic's face! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Outside the entrance to Sand Hill in the jungle. Final Egg - When reaching Gamma's shooting range in the final area, reach the hidden area where there are Rings shaped like Sonic's head, and collect the flag.
46 A secret base that's full of mechanical traps. Pay attention, and you might see... Sonic Mystic Ruins - In the jungle, where Big's lure power-up is located. Final Egg - Pop the balloon in the freefall section of the final area.
47 Get 10 balloons on the field under the time limit! Tails Mystic Ruins - The balcony of Tails' Workshop. Mystic Ruins - A button will spawn nearby. Press it to start the timer and pop 10 balloons over Mystic Ruins within 2 minutes and 30 seconds.
48 Can you get the medallion that the giant Sonic is staring at? Knuckles Station Square - Perched atop a street lamp outside the antique shop. Casinopolis - Collect the medallion protected by springs in front of the Sonic statue.
49 Scorch through the track, and get all the flags! Sonic Station Square - In the sewers underneath the antique shop. Twinkle Park - Collect all 31 flags in the race course.
50 Select a road that splits into 5 paths before time runs out! Amy Mystic Ruins - On the wall around the stairs in the Final Egg entrance. Final Egg - In the room where Amy has to find the right exit among five doors, step on the button to start the timer, then find the Sonic Pinball Party sign (Sonic Unleashed sign in the 2010 version) within 10 seconds.
51 Gunman of the Windy Valley! Destroy all the Spinners under a time limit! Gamma Mystic Ruins - Above the front entrance to Lost World. Windy Valley - At the section where Gamma drops down a canyon, shoot the switch on the wall to start the timer, and shoot all 10 Spinners on the way down within 10 seconds.
52 Get 3 flags in the jungle under the time limit! Big Mystic Ruins - Big's house in the jungle. Mystic Ruins - Step on the switch on Big's bed to start the timer, then find all three flags within 3 minutes. From the ladder, one flag is located at the fork down the left path, another is located at the path leading to the buried stone statue, and another is located at the wall surrounding the ruins.
53 Pass the line of rings with 3 Super High Jumps on the ski slopes! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Where the Ancient Light is located on Angel Island. Ice Cap - Before reaching the end of the snowboarding area, take the higher path and use the last jump ramp to fly as far to the line of Rings at the end.
54 Slide downhill in a blizzard and get all the flags! Tails Mystic Ruins - Just across the pool in the ice cave. Ice Cap - Collect 13 flags while snowboarding down.
55 Run down the building to get all the balloons! Sonic Station Square - Outside the elevator Big used from the sewers to enter Twinkle Park. Speed Highway - Pop 8 balloons in the "Goin' Down" section.
56 Relentless eruptions occur in the flaming canyon. What could be hidden in the area she's staring at? Knuckles Mystic Ruins - To the right of the hole that leads into Angel Island in the station area. Red Mountain - Locate the Cream sign at the beginning, then glide in the direction the sign is facing to a platform with a Kiki and a circle of Rings. Dig within the circle to find a hidden medallion.
57 Peak of the volcanic mountain! Watch out for the lava! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Between the two rocks behind the altar on Angel Island. Red Mountain - Find the spring that leads to a balloon around the lava pool at the very top of the first area.
58 The big rock will start rolling after you! Try to get all the flags! Sonic Mystic Ruins - Behind the ladder in the jungle. Lost World - Collect all 36 flags during the boulder chase section.
59 Watch out for the barrels, and find the hidden flag inside the container! Knuckles Egg Carrier - On the diving board above the pool. Sky Deck - Tilt the ship to the left so that the barrels will fall from the containers at the far end of the ship, then collect the flag from the rightmost container.
60 Something is hidden inside the dinosaur's mouth. Can you find it? Big Mystic Ruins - On the train tracks. Ice Cap - Use Big's weight to smash into the frozen lakes and collect the flag hidden inside a dinosaur skull inside the lakes.


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