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The theme select menu with all themes available, with the Secretary theme selected.

The Sonic Adventure 2 Menu Themes are a series of VMU downloads for Sonic Adventure 2 which were available on the game's official website.


Each theme file features a character from the game (the six playable characters, Amy Rose, Omochao, Maria Robotnik, and bafflingly, the Secretary) giving voiceovers for menu themes and appearing in the background of the menus. The Amy Rose, Shadow the Hedgehog, Omochao, Maria and Secretary themes were never officially released on the North American website for public downloading. Each of the themes take up two blocks in the VMU; all ten themes are included in the downloads section on this page.

All themes are included as base game content in Sonic Adventure 2: Battle with slight redesigns, and the themes of the six playable characters are available by default. Omochao, Amy, and Maria's themes can be purchased in the Black Market in Chao World after collecting a certain amount of Emblems, while the Secretary's theme can be unlocked by rotating the left stick clockwise until a chime is heard on the theme select menu. In the 2012 version, the Battle DLC is required to use the themes.

A similar concept was used in Sonic Adventure DX where the last-played character would give the menu voiceovers.

File list

Sonic Adventure 2 Themes Save Data
Name File Name Comment File Size Icon
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T01 SONIC______Theme 2 blocks SA2 THEME001.png
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T02 TAILS______Theme 2 blocks SA2 THEME002.png
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T03 KNUCKLES___Theme 2 blocks SA2 THEME003.png
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T04 SHADOW_____Theme 2 blocks N/A
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T05 EGGMAN_____Theme 2 blocks SA2 THEME005.png
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T06 ROUGE______Theme 2 blocks SA2 THEME006.png
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T07 AMY________Theme 2 blocks N/A
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T08 OMOCHAO____Theme 2 blocks N/A
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T09 MARIA______Theme 2 blocks N/A
SONIC ADVENTURE 2 / Download SONIC2___T10 SECRETARY__Theme 2 blocks N/A


The included ZIP file includes both the VMI and VMS files necessary for loading on to a Sega Dreamcast.

Download.svg Download Sonic Adventure 2 Menu Themes
File: SA2 Menu (7 kB) (info)


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