Sonic Advance 3 (prototype)

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Sonic Advance 3 (prototype)
Publisher: Sega
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: 2D Platform


Sonic Advance 3 was meant to be released in June of 2004, but this prototype was released on March 21st, months before the planned release date. Initially it was dumped on the 16th and distributed among a select few. It's not often a Sega beta is leaked to the public before the games launch date and is a big blunder on Segas part. The game is near completion but has many bugs, and was in the final bug testing phase. The levels are mostly finished, and you can play any level from startup. Super Sonic is also active and fully functional.

TheRedEye, Owner of almost lost his job due to the leak of this proto. Once the real leaker was discovered, another German magazine employee, his name was cleared and he kept his job.

Download.svg Download Sonic Advance 3 (prototype)
File: Sonic_Advance_3_(Beta).zip ("Sonic_Advance_3_(Beta).zip" does not exist) (info)


  • Occasionally a character will become stuck in between a piece of level and be unable to escape.
  • When finishing some levels, the screen will display a blank red screen until the zooming of the text finishes.
  • The main characters partner will sometimes levitate. At the end of the stages they will start their finishing pose before they even land on the ground.


  • You can use the tag action in the level select
  • If you get an special stage key and you get game over screen, you not lose the key and you can use the it for enter special stage