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Sonic Advance had gone through several changes over its development process. There are several rejected ideas and other things that were left on the cutting room floor. The following details several of these things.

Teaser trailer

Promotional screenshots

E3 2001

During development, Sonic the Hedgehog Advance was shown at E3 2001 but was not playable. A short video showing Sonic in a prototype Neo Green Hill Zone was released by Sega alongside a handful of screenshots featuring the HUD. These are all very strange compared to the final; the alignment of the Ring count and timer are lower than they should be, and the lives counter (complete with wrong palette) is further right than it is in the final. The Ring used in the prototype screenshots is a bit thicker and the font used in the HUD was slightly altered to be slightly taller and to utilize inward shadowing.

Neo Green Hill Zone

Casino Paradise Zone

Egg Rocket Zone

Sega/THQ Game Boy Advance Art Assets


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