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Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic
System(s): Game Boy Advance
Genre: Action

Sonic 3 Fighter Sonic, known simply as Fighter Sonic on the title screen, is a pirated game for the Game Boy Advance. This pirate appears for sale on eBay occasionally. The graphics seem to be taken from Sonic Advance and Sonic Advance 2 but with less animation frames.

The music is from Elmo's Letter Adventure, albeit sped up. It is the title screen jingle and constantly loops. It plays on every stage.

No ROM dump seems to be available online at this time.


There is an attack button (A) which causes Sonic to throw projectiles that look like him in his Spin dash form. There is also a jump button (B). Pressing Up plus jump causes Sonic to jump higher. It is possible for Sonic to use the Spin dash animation himself, probably by holding Down. Using the attack button in mid-air causes Sonic to stop in mid-air. This move can be used to cross long gaps and pits, not to mention land on a moving platform. There are rings throughout the levels but they seem to have no effect. Sonic does not lose rings when hit, rather he has a health meter. There is a score counter which is increased various ways.

Unlike most Sonic games, the game is not fast and focuses on platforming.


Lost City

This is an ancient ruins level with pillars and temples set high in the sky. Uses graphics from Angel Island Zone (Sonic Advance).

Air Garden

This level has a tropical theme with grass, sunflowers, palm trees, and other trees. Has a boss. Normal section uses graphics from Neo Green Hill Zone (Sonic Advance). Boss section uses graphics from Angel Island Zone (Sonic Advance).

Alp Snowfield

This is a level set in the snowy mountains. Snow is prevalant. There are also pine trees, and mountains can be seen in the background, Uses graphics from Ice Mountain Zone (Sonic Advance).

Coast Aisle

This is grass level with flowers in various places. Has a boss (Eggman). Normal section uses graphics from Leaf Forest (Sonic Advance 2). Boss section uses graphics from Ice Mountain Zone (Sonic Advance).


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