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| screen=s2ade.png
| screen=s2ade.png
| screenwidth=320x224
| screenwidth=320x224
| version=3.0(Current Version)
| version=3.0(Final Version)
| date=August 31, 2008
| date=August 31, 2008
| system=Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
| system=Sega Genesis/Mega Drive

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Sonic 2: Advanced Edit
Version: 3.0(Final Version)
Last release: August 31, 2008
System: Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Original game: Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (16-bit)
Credits: rika_chou, Kilometers Prower,
BadCopNoDonut, Stealth, Puto, Tweaker,
and many others.

Sonic 2: Advanced Edit is a Sonic 2 hack created by rika_chou. The latest release features 3 new levels. Other (incomplete) levels can be accessed by using the level select menu. As of release 3, Sonic 2: Advanced Edit has officially been discontinued.

Known Issues In Release 2

  • If Sonic enters a Special Stage with a Lightning Shield then exits again, the shield is gone but the ability to drain rings is still effective.
  • When running at high speeds in Roof Top Zone, Sonic occasionally passes through solid walls.
  • Sonic's starting sprite is corrupted in Robotic Ruin Zone.
  • In Robotic Ruin Zone, there is a rather large secret area containing several elements from the original game's Metropolis Zone. Rings are scattered in very strange places, and there is a long tract of what seems to be lava throughout one half. Once the player gets into this area, s/he cannot leave without restarting. (To access this area, find a thin strip of lava next to a pit containing four yellow springs. Jump into the pit and push to the left, then fall down the lava; You should reach the hidden area.)
  • When becoming Super Sonic, Sonic's sprites do not coincide with his sprites from Sonic 3. The result is an amusing disconnect between his movement and his speed.


  • While not necessarily a bug, it is important to note that neither Tails nor Knuckles can access their super forms.


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Current version: 3

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