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Sonic & Knuckles Collection
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Publisher: Sega
Game total: 4
System(s): Windows
Save file size: 1 Kilobyte
Genre: Compilation
Release Date RRP Code Rating
Windows PC
1997-02-14 ¥7,800 ?
Windows PC
1997-03-14[1] $29.99[1] ?
Windows PC
1997-03-20  ? ?

Sonic & Knuckles Collection is a compilation for Microsoft Windows based PCs, released in 1997. Games included are Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Blue Sphere (listed as "Special Stage Mode").

It should be noted that normally, the program lacks a speed-limiting feature in windowed mode, so it runs far too fast on modern PCs. However, you can specify a framerate to run at, which is explained further here. The timings used by full screen mode are always based on the monitor's refresh rate, so the game can always be played correctly on a modern system as long as your refresh rate is set to 60Hz.

Differences from console version

Most of the original music is faithfully converted to MIDI format, with the user able to choose between General MIDI and FM MIDI formats. Some of Sonic 3's music tracks, such as those of Carnival Night Zone, IceCap Zone, Launch Base Zone, Knuckles' theme, the Competition menu, and the credits music, were replaced with original compositions. One possible explanation for this is that the tracks featured sampled sound effects not supported by the MIDI standard, and some sound cards during this time were not capable of playing these alongside the standard MIDI instruments. Another potential explanation is that the original tracks may have been composed by Michael Jackson, and were replaced due to legal reasons that arose since their original release. IceCap Zone's soundtrack may have been replaced due to having its origins in Hard Times, an unreleased 1982 track by The Jetzons, an American new wave band whose keyboardist, Brad Buxer, later worked on the Sonic 3 soundtrack. Aside from this musical difference, the game plays virtually identically to its original incarnations. Other differences include the fact that the Sonic 3 & Knuckles Level Select Cheat works on Sonic 3 alone, in Angel Island Zone. This code (usually input at Mushroom Hill Zone in Sonic & Knuckles) does not enable debug mode as in the original, though it does still allow characters to play stages they couldn't access otherwise from the level select. Examples include Tails in Doomsday Zone and Knuckles in Sky Sanctuary 1. When the level select code is performed in Sonic 3, and the first special stage option is selected (which unlike in the original accesses the blue sphere mini-game), this enables the player to use Knuckles in the Sonic 3 levels, though they are incomplete and thus cannot always be beaten.

Sonic the Screen Saver

In the US and in Europe, "Sonic the Screen Saver" was included in the compilation. This disc allowed users to customize Windows with Sonic themes, wallpapers, icons, and play music from Sonic 1, 2, 3, S&K and the Japanese version of Sonic CD. In Japan, Sonic the Screen Saver was sold separately.

Cheat Codes

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Hacking Guide

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Production Credits (PC Version Staff)

Producer: Toshinori Asai
Director: Tadashi Kuroi
Programmers: Tetsuji Mukai (HIC), Hitoshi Ohta (HIC), Satoru Sugisaki (HIC), Hiroaki Ishiki (HIC), Masaaki Watabiki (HIC), Shinichi Aso (HIC)
Installer Program: Kei Takashima
Game Select Scene Designers: Hisato Fukumoto, Katsufumi Yoshimori
Sound Coordinator: Masaru Setsumaru
Sound Arrangers: Jun Senoue, Shigeaki Irie (USP), Masaaki Nishizawa (USP), Goro Takahashi (USP)
Tester: Takashi Akiyama
Manual&Package Producer: Kaoru Ichigozaki
Manual&Package Director: Taiji Okamoto
Manual&Package Designer: Yumi Noda
Manual&Package Editor: Hiroya Tanaka
Special Thanks To: Hirokazu Yasuhara, Hisayoshi Yoshida, Tchie Tokoro, Shinji Fujiwara


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Magazine articles

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Physical scans

SKC US Boxart.jpg
Skc us pc cd.jpg
PC, US (Jack in the Box)
SKC PC US Box Back JitB.jpgSKC PC US Box Front JitB.jpg
Skc us jitb pc cd.jpg
PC, US (Expert Software)
SKC PC US Box Back Expert.jpgNospine.pngSKC PC US Box Front Expert.jpg
Skc pc us disc rerelease.png
SKC US Expert back.jpgSKC US Expert front.jpg
Jewel Case
SKC PC EU Box Back.jpgNospine.pngS&kcbigboxuk.jpeg
Skc eu pc cd.jpg
SKC PC EU manual.pdf
SKC PC EU Box Back JewelCase.jpgSKC PC EU Box Front Alt.jpg
Jewel Case
PC, UK (Xplosiv)

PC, UK (Xplosiv; alt)
SKC Xplosiv EU box.jpg
SKC Xplosiv EU disc.jpg
SonicandKnucklesCollection PC JP Box Back.jpgNospine.pngSkpc-box-jap.jpg
Scd pc jp disc HCJ-0108.jpg
PC, JP (Ultra 2000)
Skpc JP ultra2000 back.jpgSkpc JP ultra2000 front.jpg
Skpc JP ultra2000 disc.jpg
Skpc JP ultra2000 manual.pdf
PC, JP (Yuu Yuu)
SonicandKnucklesCollection PC JP Box YuYu.jpg
Skc pc kr cover.jpg
Skc pc kr disc.jpg
Skc pc kr inlay.jpg
SKC PC TW Box Front.jpg




Download.svg Download Sonic & Knuckles Collection
File: Sonic&‎ (4.97 MB) (info)


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