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The following is a list of magazine articles for Sonic & Knuckles.

File Date Source Title and comments
File:Megazone AU 44.pdf Logo-pdf.svg


Sega Megazone (AU) #44: "xxxx xxxx"


Sega Magazine (UK) #11: "November 1994"
Sega Magazine writer Tom Guise challenges readers to find the elusive "Rankles", Knuckles' green otter sidekick with outsize sparkly ankles in Sonic & Knuckles. Winners would receive £1 million, were it not for the fact the character was a work of fiction. The real contest was to photograph (or "accurately describe") the ending to Sonic 3 & Knuckles for a chance to win a Sega Multi-Mega.

But of course, nobody would actually find Rankles... would they?



Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #62: "November 1994"


Beep! MegaDrive (JP) #63: "December 1994"
Logo-pdf.svg Tips
Logo-pdf.svg Tips
Logo-pdf.svg Tips
Logo-pdf.svg Tips
File:VD 29 RU.pdf Logo-pdf.svg
File:ABC 41-9 CZ.pdf Logo-pdf.svg
Logo-pdf.svg "Tips"

File Date Source Title and comments
Logo-pdf.svg "Press Start: Sonic 4 for Genesis Coming This Fall!"
Having probed Sega in inteviews at Winter CES 1994, EGM is told to look at old Sonic level select screens for hints of an upcoming Sonic game. Cue wild speculation and reprinted mockups of Sonic 2's Dust Hill Zone and Hidden Palace Zone.
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic vs Knuckles"
Short paragraph about the upcoming game, scheduled for an October release. The article erroneously calls it "Sonic vs Knuckles", despite the logo with the correct title being shown.
Logo-pdf.svg "Next Wave: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Newsbox: Sonic Kehrt Zurück!"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Work in Progress: Sonic & Knuckles"
Three-page preview of the game. Screenshots from the first three zones are shown. Knuckles' gliding and climbing abilities are mentioned, as well as backwards-compatibility with previous games (although the lock-on cart is not described).
File:GamePro DE 1994-10.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Mega Drive Preview: Sonic & Knuckles"
From the German edition of GamePro.
Logo-pdf.svg "Newsbox: 3 Neue Sonic-Spiele!"
File:MeanMachinesSega24UK.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Cover Story: Sonic & Knuckles"
Five-page preview of the game, covering topics such as the new playable Knuckles and his unique abilities, backward-compatiblity with Sonic 3 and other games, and the game's first three zones. The abandoned Sonic the Hedgehog 3 Limited Edition is also mentioned, as well as "Sonic Chaos 2" and a 32X port of SegaSonic the Hedgehog.
Logo-pdf.svg "Pré-Estréia: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sega Game Feature: Genesis - Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Previews: Sonic & Knuckles"
File:GamePlayers US 0710.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Genesis: Preview - Sonic and Knuckles"
File:GamePro US 063.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Cover Feature: Sonic + Knuckles = Twice as Much Fun"
Logo-pdf.svg "Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic & Knuckles"
Two-page review of the game. The writers describe it as fun with original ideas, and good value for money. The backwards compatibility is also praised.
Logo-pdf.svg "Megadrive Review: Sonic & Knuckles"
Three-page review of the game, describing it as a "redecorated version" of Sonic 3. The article also mentions the new bonus stages, the puzzle sections in Sandopolis Zone, and the more complicated multi-sprite bosses. The writers overall impression is positive, but they criticise the lack of improvement over Sonic 3 and linear levels.
Logo-pdf.svg "Mega Drive Test: Sonic & Knuckles"
From the German edition of GamePro.
Logo-pdf.svg "Mega Drive Test: Sonic & Knuckles"
File:SegaMagazin DE 12.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Review: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Megadrive: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "ProReview: Genesis - Sonic & Knuckles"
File:EGM2 US 05.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Special Feature: Sonic & Knuckles"
An ill-informed two page spread in EGM² claims the game is compatible with the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball. Spinball is of course no more compatible than most Mega Drive games, displaying one of the 134,217,728 levels of Blue Sphere.
Logo-pdf.svg "Les Critiques: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Press Start: Sega set to Give Nintendo a Knuckle Sandwich"
As a promotional stunt for the game, Knuckles went missing. And then he was found. EGM gives us the details.
Logo-pdf.svg "Special Feature! Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Reviews: Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Tests: Mega Drive - Sonic & Knuckles"
File:SegaVisions US 22.pdf Logo-pdf.svg "Sega Game Feature: Genesis - Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Finals - Sonic & Knuckles"
Logo-pdf.svg "Megadrive Tips: Sonic & Knuckles"
Short article explaining the Blue Spheres mini-game and how to access it by plugging in a Sonic the Hedgehog cart. Passwords for the first 11 stages are listed.
Logo-pdf.svg "Tips & Tricks: Sonic & Knuckles"
More coverage on how to start Blue Sphere.
Logo-pdf.svg "Megadrive Tips: Sonic and Knuckles"
Short paragraph listing a few Action Replay codes, which the writer has only printed because there are no regular cheat codes. A level select code would later be discovered, however.
Logo-pdf.svg "The Complete Sonic Tips Guide"
Short article explaining the Blue Spheres mini-game, and several Action Replay codes, all of which are repeated from previous issues. Part of a retrospective of codes on Mega Drive Sonic games.
Logo-pdf.svg "100 Best Games Ever: Sonic & Knuckles"
Short paragraph placing the game as the 64th best ever.

Full-length Articles

Sega Magazine


This clip mentions that Sonic & Knuckles was a 18 Meg cartridge, which wasn't true in the final release. It also gives a Pro Action Replay cheat code to activate Knuckles.

Page 16

Unknown magazines

Sega of America Coming On Strong

This is just a short clip describing the game being backward compatible with previous Sonic games. It also questions whether backward compatibility would allow players to traverse the scrapped Sonic 2 levels.

UnknownSonic&KnucklesArticle 1.jpg

In Sales

This small clip shows sales for Sonic & Knuckles trailer Donkey Kong Country.

UnknownSonic&KnucklesArticle 2.JPG

New Sonic Game Exclusively Revealed

This clip from SEGA magazine reveals Sonic & Knuckles for the first time (in that magazine at least). For some reason it refers to the game as Sonic Versus Knuckles.

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