Sonic's Bible Adventure

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Sonicbible title.png
Sonic's Bible Adventure
Engine: Click n Create
Credits: TLSPRWR (as "Sonico")

Sonic's Bible Adventure is an early Click n Create Sonic the Hedgehog fan game by TLSPRWR (credited in the game as "Sonico: The Hedgehog Corporation") portraying Sonic the Hedgehog as David from the Hebrew Bible and follows David/Sonic's early life as a shepherd boy and the ensuing battle with the Philistines. The game is considered to be one of the worst Sonic fan games created by fellow fans.


Sonic's Bible Adventure contains five levels, all of which with near-identical gameplay. Sonic is given a short left-to-right path to find an object (a bear, food, tent, etc.) in a desert location scattered either with foliage or tents, depending on the level. The only exception comes at the fifth level, where the player must find multiple Philistines which are fleeing. At the end of each level, a boss fight occurs where the player must throw an object at an enemy moving left and right on the screen in order to defeat them. All bosses require three hits, except for the fourth boss, Goliath, who requires six. Each hit results in the boss slowing its movement left and right.

Pressing "B" at the title screen of the game will enable level select.


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