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Sky Fortress Zone


Sky Fortress Zone
Fourth level, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II
Number of Acts: 4
Level theme: sky
Secondary level theme: flying fortress
Boss: Metal Sonic (Sky Fortress)

Sky Fortress Zone is the fourth level in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. After beating the heat in Oil Desert Zone, Sonic and Tails take to the skies to fight Eggman's newest airship. The first act involves flying like in Sky Chase Zone, and attacking Metal Sonic all along the way in his own battle station. When playing as two players in this act, Tails controls the Tornado and Sonic controls independently, while single player does it old school with Sonic and the Tornado controlling together. The second and third acts involve traversing the ship itself, much like in Wing Fortress Zone.

A super-giant flying fortress made to be the final line of defense, Can Sonic fend off the relentless chase from Metal Sonic in a high-altitude battle?

— Description on the Sonic 4 site


  • Act 1 - The Tornado Takes Off!
  • Act 2 - Infiltrating the Sky Fortress
  • Act 3 - Mile-High Mayhem
  • Boss - Showdown in the Skies


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