Shrouded Forest

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Shrouded Forest
Shrouded Forest
Ninth level, Sonic and the Black Knight
Location: Grand Kingdom
Level theme: jungle
Non-English names:
  • JP: シュラウディッド・フォレスト
Knight's Passage | Great Megalith

Shrouded Forest is a stage in Sonic and the Black Knight for the Wii; one of the four levels after Knight's Passage that can be played as the Knights of the Round Table as well as Sonic. It can be played as either the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth stage, although the cutscene numbering in the gallery indicates that this stage is the first of the four.

Enchanted by black magic, the Grand Kingdom's woodlands have gone insane in Shrouded Forest. Giant, pink-leaved plants spew purple miasma over a landscape blanketed snow-white by fungal spore-fall, while otherworldly flowers glow in faint violet shades amidst the thrashing branches of possessed trees. Ensorcelled briars creep along the forest floor in the blink of an eye, turning safe ground into spiky wooden death while you're still in the air; which makes Sir Gawain's gliding quite useful during this level.


After Nimue informs the knights that Merlina's dark spell might still be contained by activating four barrier stones, they rush off to create the magical seal. Although the player is free to take any of Sonic, Sir Lancelot, Sir Percival, or Sir Gawain to complete Shrouded Forest, from the subsequent cutscenes the level appears to canonically be the preserve of Sir Lancelot. The Cauldron, Great Megalith, and Dragon's Lair occur simultaneously for the other characters.

Once Lancelot places his Sacred Sword, Arondight on Shrouded Forest's barrier stone, an inscription lights up declaring that it is designed to seal something called the "Dark Hollow".


  • Beat the Clock: Reach the goal before the time runs out - 350 followers
  • Special Challenge: Don't touch the ground - 200 followers
  • Chain of Enemies: Defeat 20 enemies in a row - 200 followers
  • Mastery Stage: Only allowed 11 sword swings - 200 followers
  • Perfect Challenge: Make it through taking no damage - 200 followers
  • Hide and Seek: Find 5 Hidden Fairies - 250 followers
  • Legacy: Reach the goal - 200 followers

Items which can be acquired in the Shrouded Forest missions include:

Dart, Steel Helmet, Rusty Helmet, Cursed Helmet, Dartbord, Daffodil, String of Pearls, Magical Moth Dust, Aluminum Ore, Green Ring


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